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My First Birthday

By Luna Black I sat with my phone in my hand this morning looking at a text from my Mom. Moments ago. Just a few inhales and a few exhales ago. It was a short text. Two sentences. Sometimes, just a few words are needed to change everything. Give everything. It’s always the little things […]

Walk with Confidence

Walk with Confidence by Luna Black That first step out of the door while presenting the way you have longed to, probably for a long time is…many things. It’s thrilling. It’s freeing. And for most, it is absolutely terrifying. The first time I walked out out my house fully dressed as female was the moment […]

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Cleavage Makeup Tutorial

1/26/2018 This tutorial will teach you how to create the appearance of cleavage in nine simple steps! We use simple contouring techniques to create a subtle yet realistic looking feminine chest. View Tutorial Here

Detangling Wigs

How to Detangle Wigs 1/24/2018 It is never an easy day for looking good when your favorite wig is a knotty mess. The best solution? Give it a spray down with Brandywine’s Wig Detangler and Leave in Conditioner (SKU: BRA-930) and a good combing (We used wide toothed combs for straight hair and our fingers […]

T-Girl Invasion XIII

The T-Girl invasion is the premier t-girl meetup in the midwest area. These are not events to be missed! We are proud that the Detroit area is host to such a great event. Full event details can be found on the official Invasion website here: Invasion Website We have everything you need to get ready! […]

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3 Simple Tips for Removing Makeup from Clothing

8/22/2017 I think we can agree that one of the most exciting aspects of crossdressing is… makeup! It’s so fun to play with all of the different shades, colors, lipsticks and glosses, eyeshadows, the list goes on! Eventually, it’s bound to happen…. you’re going to get a makeup stain on your favorite new dress … […]

Picking the Right Breast Forms

7/17/2017 With so many different types and styles of breast forms on the market today, how do you know which one is right for you? While it’s true that breast forms come in many shapes, styles, and materials, selecting the best breast forms for you isn’t as overwhelming as it may first seem. A lot […]

Choosing the Perfect Wig

7/17/2017Today let’s talk about choosing a great wig for a new or experienced crossdresser. There are many things to think about when deciding on the perfect wig to complete your look. We know that when browsing wigs, there are several colors, styles, lengths, and types. The experience of finding your new wig us usually an […]

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