“Wow, first time customer and I was a little nervous on placing an order but I did.

Within 12 hours I received a phone call from a staff member of Janet’s asking very politely if I had time to talk about my order.  I agreed, and she explained that one of items that I had ordered was not in stock in the color that I had requested, but they did have these other color options.  I picked another color that grabbed my attention and thank her for her time, the call and her concern making my order complete.

Then next day in late afternoon I see that a package had been delivered.   To my amazement it was my complete order discreetly wrapped!!!

Never have I seen that kind of service and care for a customers satisfaction!!!

Thank you Janet’s!!! “


Today I went to your shop, I am from across the state and I had to pick up my wife from Detroit airport. I was online last night and saw your website while browsing (for the first time in a long time), then I got the idea that I should leave early and give myself time to go check your place out. (Now I am a EMT, not crazy built or anything, but I still love being beautiful and have since I was a child. I was not in a dress or made up in anyway, I came in the way I would any store, as a male.) This is the first time I ever went to a cross dressers store and I wish I would have stayed longer, done this sooner, and bought more! I sat in my car for about 20 minutes before psyching myself up to go in. After I got in I was glad I came. You have soo much girly stuff I did not know what to do. On top of that I was extremely anxious because this was my first time openly shopping for feminine clothing by myself and not online. After I got in I was worried like I feel at other “sex toy shops” that I was going to be judged, but she came right up with a smile and asked if I needed any help finding anything. Me being slightly shy/ scared I said no (I wish I would have said yes because there were so many things running through my head), she left me to my own and I casually browsed and grabbed a few things. (When I did I was thinking of how I was going to say that these were for my wife and all of that but I’m glad I did not) The attendee (I’m sorry I did not get her name but I was the guy with the hat) was so nice, helpful and accepting I felt at home, most all of my anxiety went away and I felt like it was normal for me to be shopping for feminine stuff for myself.

She then later came back up and asked if i wanted any help with anything but I still said I was browsing, which I was at that time and could not think of asking because my mind was a blur with all the clothing and items around me and because it was my first time out in public shopping for feminine clothing. I finally found my Items (which now I feel were not enough lol) and met the young woman at the counter. What really floored me was when she asked if I wanted to try on anything (I wish I would have but I was so nervous… even though I played it cool and was calm on the outside even though I was scared and screaming on the inside), after she asked me that I was 75% at home, like in a “this place is awesome and it was meant for people like me” kinda thing. She went and got me a dress that was still in the packaging of the same style and size, (which I am wearing now. Thank you by the way it is a lovely dress!) then she came back and started to ring me up. What really made me feel at home was when she asked me what my female name was I nearly died but in a good way. I calmly but slight quieter told her it was Hannah, then she asked for my last initial and I said P. I was crying on the inside with joy because I have never had a interaction with a person outside of my wife like that, it was at that time I felt 100% at home. Then we had some small talk and she told me I should come in for the full transformation (which sounds awesome).

I just wanted to tell you I LOVED MY VISIT! and I just wanted to let you know and next time I come I will have to get the full treatment! I will get your transformation with the pictures, I will not be so shy and I will try on some cute clothing!

We really need more places like this for us Cross-dressers / Transgender folks to make us feel at home, and you and your staff did! I will be back, and I am soo glad I got the courage up to go in, in the first place. Best experience as a cross-dresser / male to female transgender person to date!

PS: I love the “Prom ribbon black” dress it is to die for lol, along with my other items. I only wish you had more stuff in my size like panties and stuff (I’m like a 36 waist or so) and more costumes would be great! I wanted to buy some but could not find any in my size. That is just a suggestion. either way I will be buying online or in person more. I want you gals to stay around! I am ordering something online right now!

Thank you!

Hannah P

I just received my strap-on forms today. Although they are a small 32D they are perfect for my small frame. My wife says that they look great on me. ( She did the adjusting ). They fit the way I had expected them to. Whom ever the model is, she is about the same build as I am, so it was easy to see how they would fit before I purchased them. These are perfect to wear everyday. As for my other forms that I have purchased I will be wearing those on occasion to get that little extra attention, like when I wear a sweater. I also once again appreciate the personal hand written thank you on the bottom of the invoice. It shows that my business, no matter how little, is greatly appreciated.
Your store is the only store anywhere including online that has the best pricing for crossdressers. I know, I have searched. Took me 20 minutes. I will be shopping again with you soon I’m sure.
Thank you so much, Hugs and Kisses to you all.
Domer (Monique) Overly

Lexi, Bunny and Bunny’s trainee,
I was in Saturday for a full transformation. I drove the 2 3/4 hours from Cleveland in anticipation and excitement of what I was about to do. For the first time I was going to walk in the the world as a women.
Lexi was a tremendous support during the week prior to my transformation. She chatted with me talked on the phone with me to encourage and comfort me about the transformation. I can not thank her enough for giving me the courage to me at my appointment Saturday morning. She greeted me with a warm smile at a friendly hug. I felt comfortable immediately.
Bunny is an amazing artist in her task of turning me into a women. Her guidance and suggestion in choosing my outfits was fantastic. When she was finished applying my make up, choosing my wig, breastforms and clothing, I walked out of the makeup room into the showroom as women I didn’t recognize. I was amazed.
They helped choose my jewelry to finish the process. And a purse too.
They suggested that I go to Adam’s Apple, Which I did. My day was amazing there. I will write them to thank them for their great place.
I am forever grateful for everything Lexi, Bunny and her trainee (sorry I can’t remember your name).

I will be back!!!

– Gina Gregory

Hello Janet,

I’m Linda May and I just want to say thank you to you for having a wonderful store and for making my first time shopping their a one that I will remember… Let me start out by saying that I drove from port huron to your store… But the drive was worth it because of your wonderful staff… When I walked into your store your staff welcomed me and made me feel like this was the place that I belong…. the woman that came over to me and helped me was very kind and helpful and we need more people like that in stores … I was made to feel like I was the most important person in the store and that made me feel really good about your store and about myself…. It was very nice to find a place that I can come to and shop where people are so kind.. and if I may say that seeing you made my day… you are so very beautiful in person…. my hope is that soon I to can look as good as you and soon I will be back to have your staff do my makeup … and I will always take the time to drive down to your store for all my shopping from now on…

Linda May…

Dear Janet,

The many testimonials posted in your website is no surprise to me. I have bought cross dressing and transgender garments for over 30 years, and never have I found a site (your site) to be consistently quality oriented, so fairly price, as well as a source of honest and correct information.

It’s not all roses. I have bought so many expensive pieces from your sites an others, only to throw them away. Hundreds and even thousands of dollars purchased and enjoyed, only to throw it all out…..I have struggled all my life with what I want and need, some times more, and sometimes less, against what is supposed to be the norm…only to purchase it all again, and find, in doing so, and wearing my garments and acting out my desires, a wonderful satisfaction and tranquility.

Your breast forms are, as I am sure any of your patrons would agree, a very important part of one’s identity. They are for me. If I cannot be female, I can at least wish by having and wearing such, and yet there is still a male part of me that wishes to remain a part of me as well. I guess, it is, for me, a need to connect to the feminine side, to feel what is, or at should not just be designated as female, but be something that males should be allowed to feel as well: gentleness, softness; something just not whatever it is that men are or have to be. I struggle in that I need to be both…and while it may not be what most society accepts….maybe it is a blessing, as it allows me to feel from both male and female perspectives.

Your site has helped me the most. You offer such wonderful resources. Your breast forms are absolutely remarkable. I have bought dozens from almost every site in the world, and I have concluded yours are the best bang for the buck. You and your site are just wonderful.



Hello ladies!

I wanted to drop you a note to say how wonderful my new breast forms are. I received them in the mail today, and immediately put them on. I have never felt sexier
in my life! My husband took one look at my new chest, and he swept me into his arms to give me the most passionate kiss I’ve ever had. I currently have an injury that has one of my arms in a cast, and now I really can’t wait for it to heal. As soon as I’m all better, I’m putting my new breasts under my sexiest outfit and going straight
to the dance club! I just know that my new chest will make me the envy of all the other queens at the bar!

Thank you so much, Janet!

Every product I’ve ordered from you has made me feel so much more like a real woman, and your story and success give me so much hope! Since I found your site,
I’ve learned to love myself for who I am, no matter what anybody else thinks of me. Every CD/TV/TG person should order from you. Not only are you such an inspiration, but your site is so easy to order from, with all the tutorial videos you provide. I can’t wait for the day I can visit your store in person, and meet the woman who changed my life so much!

Every day your business continues is another day that we come closer to freedom from gender barriers, and another day that I can love and believe in myself!
Keep rockin’ girl! You’re doing amazing things!

With indescribable gratitude,

Leda LaBeaux
Erie, PA


Dear Ms. Janet

I want to personally thank you for making my transformation for the Wyandotte American Cancer Society Relay for Life that took place on June 1, 2008.

When my wife and I walked into your store, we knew that we were going to be crowned Mr. Relay at the Relay for Life. You made us feel at ease and made sure we were getting the right goods for turning into a wonderful woman. Your makeup artist truly pulled a miracle in the conversion of a lifetime. I had a blast during the whole time and everyone enjoyed the performance. With your efforts, I was crowned Mr. Relay. You and your staff did a great job on everything. Several people who missed the Mr. Relay show, truly thought I was a woman and truly had woman conversations with me. It was so much fun. I now know who the experts are and can not wait to pick out next years outfit and stay the reigning champion.

Your efforts made me raise over $400 dollars in one hour. I cannot thank you and your staff for all of the hard work in working with me. The hair, the dress, the shoes, the memories, and the makeup was just a blast and all for a great cause.

Yours Truely,

Jonathon L. Dehring
AKA Diva Juanita
Wyandotte Jaycees &
2008 wyandotte American Cancer Society Relay for Life Mr. Relay Winner


Dear Janet

I just wanted to thank you for a very positive experience at your shop last night; you have no idea what it meant to me.

Yesterday afternoon, I put on a pair of stretch jeans and a clingy turtleneck, and boots with a 3” heel, and I made the drive down to your place. It would have taken a keen eye for anyone to have noticed my padding, especially under the leather jacket… I wore no makeup and no wig… it was a fairly ‘safe’ look for me. When I arrived at Janet’s Closet I was riding a wave of confidence; your
associate Tina made me feel very welcome. She was very professional and most helpful without being at all pushy. I believed she wanted what was best for me. I enjoyed trying on wigs and looking for just the right style and color, and I am very happy with my selection. Your advice to me on wig styling was most appreciated.

(When you rang up my purchase, you asked me for my femme name; you entered Dayna–with a “y”–into your system… since you did not ask me for the spelling, I will assume you knew me from my e-mails. Nice catch.)

After fixing my hair one more time, and touching up my freshly-applied makeup, I drove home with my head high, stopping on the way for a drive-thru dinner. Forty-five minutes later, as I turned into my hotel parking lot, I congratulated myself: for the very first time in over 30 years I had ventured beyond the safe confines of my home and I went out en femme. I’m sure that Tina didn’t know at
the time, but she was the first person (other than my wife) ever to have seen me‘dressed’. Being able to present myself to her and to you, and to engage in casual conversation with the two of you, was a liberating experience, one I have waited on for many, many years.

I am not sure when my travels may bring me back to your area, but I hope to make it back to see you again one day. Until then, my very best wishes to you.

Most Sincerely,




I came by your shop on Friday. Although I didn’t go for a complete transformation this time, I had a wonderful experience. Jacki, your sales girl, was terrific and made me feel at ease. I was extremely nervous coming in; but she helped tremendously.
I did purchase a dress, shoes and wig..and they look and feel great. (First time purchases).
I’ll be back for that transformation service.
Give my regards to Jacki, Thanks…Penny

Hello Janet,

Thank you so much for my transformation today. It was exciting to see how I would look as a woman. I truly enjoyed the experience. I loved the white blouse and a pokadot mini skirt and I’m flattered that you said hat I modelled them well. I’m a satisfied customer and I will return. At first I didn’t know how I would feel in your store but you and your staff put me at
ease and I was very comfortable with my transformation into a woman. Thank you again.


Dear Janet,

As I sit here in my little hum-drum night (rain, cold, etc..) I can’t help but relive my experience (in my head) while at your Little Paradise. Your store is a quaint little place with more to offer than any big store simply because you and Sara put your customers first. That is what makes your store uncomparable to the rest. My special and sincere appreciation to Sara who welcomed me comfortably at the moment I walked in and didn’t leave my side the whole time I visited. Not because she was in pursuit of a sale but because of the tenderness and unselfish caring attention for the individual. She not only made me feel welcomed but shared her excitement in my purchases along with her encouragment and support that helped me with my confidence.
Thank you Sara , you are such a sweety and naturally gorgeous inside and out!


To you Janet,

Thank you for your support and suggestions as well personal attention to your customers. Although you have every reason to let Sara hold the floor, your responses and encouragment is what will make your business a success. I am s00000.. looking forward to spending time in your new club and meeting friends.
Again, may the New year bring you both, Good Health and a Prosperous future. Thanks for being there!
Huggs Larise Warren



I would like to let you know you wonderful my experience was today in your store. Sarah (Sara?) was fabulous. She is a tremendous asset to you and your store. She helped me even though it was my first time in a store, even out talking to someone else about my dressing. She made me feel so comfortable for my first time out.
Please thank her for all her help. I will definately be using your night out package here soon. I have never been out of my house and now is the time. This was my first step.
I feel so comfortable now talking t others, especially talking to Sarah. Thank you again and thank her for me.


Thanks again for a wonderful experience. I am saving money for the breast forms. Sarah was so nice in showing them to me. I would like sometime to got the club with you. I get nervous but perhaps with your guiding hand I could make it happen. What club? I have heard of GiGi’s. It probably doesn’t matter. Any place I could go out enfemme and be accepted would probably be great. I talked with Sarah about how the 5″ sling back heels felt. As soon as I got home, I dressed in my black business suit with the black seamed nylons, shaped jacket and the very narrow skirt.
Between the narrow pencil skirt just above my knees and the nylons and then those 5″ sling back heels I nearly fainted. I know how a woman feels when she has such little control over the outside environment.
I loved how I had to work so hard to stand on my toes in the super sexy patent leather sling backs. My legs looked so feminine with black stockings and the high arch. I had to take super small steps and all of it put together was mind blowing.
My legs looked like they were from a fashion model and my small narrow steps made me feel vulnerable and feminine like a real woman. I will soon be back to buy the breast forms. Perhaps we can time it so I could go to a club with you and totally enjoy a feminine experience.
I love the look of my business suit and the great way high heels. Thanks again for a great experience and caring attention.

Just a quick not to THANK YOU SARA for all your help and time.
I am waering the garter belt, nylons, and zipper dress, and shoes now, and it feels wonderfully sexy!
I am glad there is a store of your scope and quality fairly close to to where I live. Your web page in so informative and detailed. Some day i will take you up on your transformation, pictures, and Once again, Thank YOU!!!
Lisa Lamour

Hi Janet….I stopped by your store last week for the first time after seeing your website. What a wonderful store! It is so nice to find a place that caters to the crossdressing community and includes larger sizes for us bigger girls. I like the fact that you don’t overprice your products or take advantage of us gals that are trying to be discreet. Thank you for that! The gal working the counter was extremely helpful and friendly. I felt completely at ease being there and ended up buying a pair of shoes, wig, and a little black dress (what girl doesnt need one of those!). The only thing I could have asked for was in the stocking department. I don’t dress full time and certainly not as often as I would like. Because of that, I don’t shave my legs (wish I could but it’s not gonna happen). It would be great to find some opaque tights and opaque thigh hi stockings that would cover up that little problem. I’m sure there are others that could use them as well.
Take care and perhaps I’ll catch you at the store sometime. I will definately be back!

Yesterday I stopped at your store for the first time. You both (Janet and Sarah) were so awesome!
Janet, you gave me a tour. You both helped me try on several wigs and were quite patient with me until I made a choice. Sarah, I enjoyed talking with you about my concerns with my SO and your happy relationship in that regard.
I’m glad to find a store like yours so close to home. I will definitely come back and will recommend you to my friends.
Janet Martin

Hello Janet,

Thanks very much!
Thanks to Sarah especially for her wonderful help today.
My wife and I were very impressed with your store.
Sarah took excellent care of me, fitting me with breast forms as well as bras, gaffs, shoes and some makeup.
Janet it is very nice that you have this service as it is OK to shop on line, but it is much better that the personal touch is there.
Thanks Sarah.
I will be back, to do some more shopping at your establishment. Thanks a bunch

HI Janet,

I’m so glad I had a chance to stop by on Tuesday, I don’t get out that way much so when I get a chance too it’s a real treat. Sarah (I think that was her name) was very helpful and kind, I enjoyed talking with her and she made me feel very comfortable. Thanks for returning those shoes without my reciept I appreciate that. I love my new wig, skirt and top I purchased I can’t wait to wear them out. Thanks again for everything, your store has opened up a whole new world to me and I know I am not alone in the way I feel about dressing.
Hope to see you again soon, take care!

I was in there first thing this morning and want to thank you for making me feel quite comfortable. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot for me to pick from because of my size. I could stand to be smaller, but maybe and hopefully in time. I was really looking for more casual style clothes, but I am diffenately going to come in for make-up, or for a full transformation for a first time.
I will purchase breast forms and a wig my next trip in which I am hoping will be Tues or Wed. early I didn’t get the other gorls name who was very very polite and helpful to me, but my thanks goes out to her also.
The only reason I am writing this, is because so many times the “thanks” never gets said. The trip down river was worth it to me.
Once again THANK YOU

Dear Janet…

I’m not sure I can express my pleasure in an e mail but ill try…/ visited your store today (saw you in there also but you seemed busy) and was completely and totally comfortable (as much as a paranoid closeted CD can be..101) . I was greeted and helped by a very pretty yet also very professional Sandy…before I knew it ended up spending one hundred and seventy some bucks….and was glad to do so.
I know that doesn’t sound like much and probably doesn’t even cover the electric bill but that’s the most I’ve ever spent in one shopping excursion and I don’t know that that would have been the case without your calming presentation and very helpful employee.
If you don’t mind id love to be able to add your link to the bottom of my yahoo profile to help you advertise in any way that I can to ensure your long business survival. You and Sandy provide a wonderful service that id love to see prosper

It is so refreshing to see that someone as wonderful as yourself does what you do. I want to commend & compliment you on what you do & what you offer. I have seen many a gender illusionist (may I use that term without being offensive?) & I am impressed with you all. I am a WOMAN & you all look way better than I ever could! Anyway thanks for listening, take care & I wish you well in your venture! Sincerely, Ann, Merryman

Janet hi just a quick note to express my gratitude for the items i received, can’t believe how natural these breast forms are. Know you have beautiful real breasts now—these breast forms are surely the next best thing and the dress and the shoes and the wig are all perfect couldn’t be more happy thanks for being there, will be placing more orders soon. kisses jaylyn


I cannot adequately express my gratitude for your kindness and efforts while doing my makeup Saturday afternoon. (I was the backward wig girl!)You helped bring a part of me alive that has NEVER had life before. Yes, I have always had my feminine side, my dressing side, my inner woman, but you gave her identity, beauty and understanding. For that, I thank you and I wish you continued happiness, health and harmony in your life. May you continue to touch other’s lives as you have touched mine. You are beautiful inside and out.
So you said you looked too boyish that day, but I loved it and your casual honesty about it. I envy you in that you live as Sarah all day, every day. God bless you for that.
How much courage that takes boggles my mind. Now, I have returned to my life, (although I am still
dressing daily after work) and return to my boy life
by day. My window of dressing time is growing smaller with the passing of each day as my family is due back next weekend. T-minus 10 days and counting.

Hi Janet,

I just want to let you know howmuch I appreciate your store and the transformation services that you provide there. As a transgendered person, I have struggled all of my life with the shame of being different. I have always felt as if the strong feelings to dress as a girl was unacceptable to others , and that I was alone in this behavior. It is very liberating for me to find you and begin to accept myself on a deep level by realizing that I am not alone and that there were many others who share my desire to realize the femminity that I had surpressed for so long. I have found acceptance and encouragement at your store . I am beginning to understand that gender identification has nothing to do with sex and that because I dress like a girl, I must be some kind of sex-crazed freak!! Nothing could be further from the truth . I value and nurture my feminine feelings today.
Thankyou for providing a safe place for men to express themselves and to draw ever closer to their true selves.
Love, Pauline

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