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Breast Implants

Janets Breast Implants

Hello! Well I see you have dropped into my breast implants section. Now if you are considering having implants then I hope my story gives you some insight. Since I started crossdressing I never gave having real boobs serious thought. I kind of fantasized but always thought the possibilities were unreachable. What really got me into serious thoughts about getting implants was wearing breast forms.

I became addicted after I began gluing on my breastforms and getting the look and feel of real boobs. It’s just like my ad says for the breastforms, “ the jiggle and bounce and weight of them pulling on your chest”, that gave me the craving to have them all the time. When I first started wearing breastforms I started out with a modest size. The sensation was so nice I began to wonder how bigger ones felt so; I began upping my size every time I went out. Easy to do when you have a store with every size in stock. The next thing I knew I went from a size 8 to a huge size 14. I experienced that bigger is better. There is much more sensation and I got noticed more. I just felt better about myself all the way around.

I knew I was going to get implants and I was going to get big ones so I started my journey. At the clubs I go to I began asking around who does implants. Seams like everyone said they knew someone who got theirs in Canada or Taiwan or Mexico etc. Then I remembered. When I was doing makeup seminars at many of the transgendered conventions in Chicago and Atlanta and so forth there were doctors holding seminars too. These doctors specialized in male to female surgeries including implants. I began my research. All those doctors were all in California. I wanted some one here dammit!

I got out my yellow pages and my secretary and I began calling every plastic surgeon within a hundred miles of Detroit. When we asked if they had ever or would do implants on a man they all said NO. Then someone suggested that I try the transgender services at Ann Arbor medical center. I called. I got the name of a Dr. Alan Wilson who supposedly does almost every type of transgender surgery there is. Sounded great until I called for a consultation. I was told that in order to have a consultation with Dr Wilson it would cost me $350.00 cash up front. I replied, well ok I might do that but how much will it cost for implants? I was told $7800.00. OUCH!

So I got thinking. Lets see now. Mexico and Canada are cheaper but plane fares and follow up visits are going to be expensive so maybe the $7800 isn’t so bad. I called back. I was told that I had to go through extensive counseling, probably about a years worth. And only after I had a letter of consent from a therapist could I get the surgery. Wow! This is terrible. I was at the club on Saturday night telling a friend about my situation when in comes a TG with nice big boobs. I had seen her before. So I went over and started up a conversation with her. She told me she had hers done in Troy by a Dr. Wolf. Oh boy that’s what I had been looking for. I couldn’t wait until Monday morning to get the phone and call the doctor.

I had a hard time finding him because he was now practicing out of Southfield. I called his office. I was surprised he answered the phone. I told him my friend, who is transgendered, had her implants done by you and she is very happy. He said that’s great. I then said I want them too. He seemed to hesitate a bit but then said well, ok. He asked me some questions about counseling and so fourth. After I explained that I had been living as a woman for years and that I own a transgender store he became comfortable with me. We made the first appointment to see him a few days later on a Sunday morning.

I went into the office dressed in a nice pleated black mini skirt and a spandex pink and black striped top stretched over a pair of #12 breastforms. My boobs looked huge as usual. I signed in at the window. As soon as I sat down the door opened up and there stood a very nice middle-aged doctor with a warm smile saying come this way Janet. We talked for quite a while. I was amazed how comfortable and warm he was. I couldn’t detect any sense of over sell or under sell. Even though we had agreed to meet on a beautiful Sunday morning I wasn’t being rushed. He brought me a gown to put on. He then did some measurements of my chest. He tapped and pushed around a little bit. Then he asked how big do I want them. I told him I wanted them as big as I looked with the forms on. I thought he would say that’s impossible. He picked one up and felt it in his hands and said that’s no problem at all. I was ecstatic. He told me the price would be $4,400.00. I was relieved when I heard that also.

I can’t recite our entire conversation here but I really wanted to drive home the idea of how important size and cleavage was to me. He never wavered from what I was asking for. Totally convinced I gave him the money. I set up the appointment for the operation eleven days later for August 17, 2005. Waiting those eleven days was murder. The thought of someone cutting me open and putting an implant under my muscle was scary. I had a million fears. Sleepless nights. I had all kinds of worries. It was terrible. I thought I could never get into the car to drive to the surgery.

On Wednesday, the morning of the surgery, I was fine. All I thought about was that in a few hours I would have breasts. I found myself speeding on the expressway to get to the clinic. I got there at 10:30. I was greeted by the attending doctors aide. I took my shirt off and put on a gown, my blue jeans and shoes still on. I laid down for an IV to be put in. Then I got up and walked into the surgery room and lay down. I saw Dr Wolf enter the room. He started to say something to me and I dosed off for what seamed like a minute and then I was waking up. The surgery was all done. I HAVE MY BOOBS! I was a little uncomfortable but not bad. Dr Wolf told me that everything went perfect. The surgery took about an hour. I had been in recovery for about an hour and I was on my way home.


The car ride was terrible. Every bump was murder and I remember bitching at Marti to slow down. I got home at about two in the afternoon. I was a little groggy. My chest felt heavy, tight and sore. I slept most of the day. That night I had quite a bit of pain so I started taking the meds. They worked well but put me to sleep. The next day, Thursday, I felt like I had bad sunburn under my implants. It didn’t hurt at all unless I moved or took a big breath. Got through the first day ok. The second day, Friday, I noticed that the sunburn pain under the implant was gone but replaced by a sunburn type pain on the top. I got through the second day ok but really didn’t like the painkillers. The painkillers made me feel real dizzy and slightly nauseated.


When I got up on Saturday morning I decided that I wasn’t going to take any meds at all. I felt pretty darn good. I was curious to see my new boobs. I took off my shirt that I had on since the surgery. I had on a sport bra that had about ten hooks in the front. I undid the hooks and opened the bra to see my tits. Oh my god! They’re huge. I couldn’t believe it. For a moment I thought, should I have done this? Geeze! I can’t hide these. Wow, time for a new life. Oh my god. I was amazed at where they were put in. I don’t know why but I thought they were going be put in on the bottom of my tits. Instead there was a very small incision just below the nipple barely noticeable. This made me very happy. I was so excited I got dressed and went to work. I got to work at about ten in the morning and met my fellow employees. They were ok with it but I could tell they were in shock. I had to find out how this was going to go over so I waited on a few customers. All I could think about was how big my boobs look and every one can see that I have them. (To be continued)
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