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Tips for Realistic Looking Breast Forms

  1. Material Choice: Select silicone-based prosthetics for a realistic feel and appearance. Silicone mimics the texture and weight of natural breast tissue. The bounce and jiggle will be much more realistic than foam or other materials.
  2. Match Skin Tone: Choose a prosthetic that matches your skin tone as closely as possible. However, this is less important than you may think. Even if the prosthetic matches your skin tone exactly, you will still need to blend the edges, depending on your outfit of course!
  3. Blend Makeup: Use makeup to blend the edges of the prosthetic with your skin seamlessly. Use foundation, concealer, and powder to match the color of the prosthetic with your chest and neckline. You can also use airbrush makeup.
  4. Nipple and Areola Detailing: Apply makeup or use prosthetic nipples and areolas to add realistic features. Match the color and size of the nipples and areolas to your natural ones. We offer stick-on nipples that you can stick onto your breast forms or natural breast tissue to give a “hard nipple” look under your clothing.
  5. Adhesive Application: Use our medical-grade adhesive to securely attach the prosthetic to your chest. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully for application and removal.
  6. Practice Placement: Experiment with different placement options to find the most natural-looking position for the prosthetic on your chest.
  7. Wear Supportive Undergarments: Choose bras or garments that provide proper support and help maintain the shape and position of the prosthetic throughout the day.
  8. Maintenance: Clean and care for the prosthetic according to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure longevity and continued realism.
  9. Confidence: Lastly, carry yourself with confidence. Your attitude and comfort with your prosthetic breasts can greatly enhance their realism.
  10. Watch our Breast Form Videos for more tips and tricks.

Remember that it might take some trial and error to achieve the desired look, so be patient and willing to adjust your techniques as needed. If you’re uncertain, consider consulting with a professional prosthetics specialist for personalized advice and assistance.

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