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Yes – Our store is located at 2317 Fort St., Wyandotte, MI 48192.
Phone is: 1-734-285-2609.
Our store hours are: Monday – Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM.
No – We respect the privacy of our customers and do not sell our customer lists to anyone.
You can use your Pay Pal account. We also accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards. You can also pay by personal check or money order. Please allow 5 to 7 days for personal checks to clear.

Send checks and money orders to:
Janet’s Closet
2317 Fort Street
Wyandotte, MI 48192

Your credit card statement purchase will Read “JCIMI” or “JCI”
Yes – The boxes are plain or Priority U.S. Mail Boxes with a return address label that states: JCIMI, 2317 Fort St., Wyandotte, MI
We generally mail 2-3 day Priority but sometimes in cases of small orders we mail First Class to reduce postage charges. We are not responsible for delays in shipping due to weather conditions or custom delays or lost shipments or situations beyond our control.

Orders over $300 may require signature confirmation.

To use your gift certificate follow the steps below:
1. Add desired items to your shopping cart
2. Go to checkout page
3. Where it says “Coupon Code:” enter your coupon in that box and click OK.
4. Your coupon will be automatically applied after you click OK.
Yes, we ship world wide. If you live outside of the continental United States then you should:
1. Go ahead and place your order, and once you choose your Country and either check the box stating your shipping & billing is the same, or you fill out your Country for the Shipping information box, you will automatically have ‘International Shipping’ Chosen as your shipping.
2. International shipments that require a “drop-ship” will take a few extra days for delivery.
3. We are not responsible for delays in shipping due to weather conditions or custom delays or lost shipments or situations beyond our control.
Shipping charges will be displayed before your order is placed. Shipping charges are automatically configured by the U.S.P.S based on shipping method selected and weight.
Please Note: In the case of multiple shipments for an order additional shipping charges may apply. We have multiple warehouses across the United States. Due to logistics, some warehouses cannot ship using U.S.P.S and can only use U.P.S. Although most of our shipping is done using U.S.P.S., there may be a shipment that will be sent using U.P.S. Please be assured that ALL packages will be sent discretely. If you have ordered multiple orders, overnight orders may not be able to be expedited if they have to be shipped from different warehouses. Should this be the case, we will e-mail you to discuss your options. We are not responsible for delays in shipping due to weather conditions or custom delays or lost shipments or situations beyond our control.
Yes – we can ship overnight. We advise that if you choose U.S.P.S. for your overnight shipment, you are not guaranteed an overnight shipment, just an express shipment. If you want a guaranteed overnight shipment, you must choose ‘Compare UPS Rates’ in the ‘Ship via’ option of your order, and select one of the ‘Next Day’ options available.
Yes we do! Once you have completed your order and sent it, you will get an immediate response indicating an order confirmation.
We will send you emails when your order has been placed, is processing, and when it has shipped out! Depending on the shipping method you chose, you can track your package directly on your website to see when it will be delivered.
We will ship out what we have in stock at the time you place your order. We will only charge your credit card for the items we ship to you. When the items that were out of stock come in, we will ship them out and charge your credit card for those items. If the item does not come back in stock within 90 days we cancel the order for items we didn’t have.
If this happens, feel free to give us a call at 734-285-2609 and we can take your order over the phone.
Janets Closet is famous for its transformations. World class transformation artist Janet and her staff will use their professional expertise in male to female make up and hair transformations skills.

The full package includes:
Full transformation makeup male to female, Panty hose, Wig, Bra and Breast Forms, two changes of sexy dresses, fetish wear, or lingerie from over 400 items in the store and, your choice of sexy high heels, boots or platform shoes, And a visit to the photography booth for pictures. The items are available for purchase if desired.

You have the option to purchase these items after your transformation.

We do a very large volume monthly and have negotiated a better price on our forms. In addition, we have a small mark-up on them. Thus we sell them for less than the wholesale price to keep the volume for our supplier.
After cleaning your skin, do an alcohol prep (witch hazel is fine). The alcohol prep removes soap and any other residuals that may hamper the attachment strength of the forms. We also recommend using Hollister 7730 for the medical adhesive, which you can buy from us along with the necessary adhesive remover.
We have taken the time to be sure if you buy from Janets Closet it will fit you. Each item has an UP TO WAIST size listed. So if you have a waist of 40″ and an item says up to waist 40, 41 or even 42 it will fit. The UP TO WAIST size is the largest the item will go to. So if an item had on it UP TO WAIST 39″ and your waist was 40″ the item would be to small. Be sure to measure your waist. Do not go by your pants size or the size of something you wear. MEASURE YOUR SELF PLEASE! Never again will you be confused by large or XL or size 12. No more guess work. Just measure yourself and buy with confidence.
Most of our shoes except for LeDame are in womens sizes. As a rule of thumb:
Order 1 size larger than a man’s shoe for open toe styles.
Order 2 sizes larger for all other styles.

Our LeDame brand is in mens sizes. These shoes are wide width and are made to fit a mans foot. This means if you wear a size 10 men’s shoe you can order your shoes in the same size. This applies to only to LeDame.

Here at Janets Closet we know how important it is to be discreet. Some of us just can’t keep our girly things around the house. That’s why we offer a safe place to store your things. We offer two sizes of lockers for your convience. A locker consists of a plastic storage container with a closing lid to keep dust and humidity out. You can access your locker at any time during our business hours. Some girls like to come into the store and get their locker and take it into one of our four changing rooms. There they can change and get girly for a while. Some choose to leave the building with their boy clothes left behind in the locker, and some choose to stay in the lounge dressed up for a while. Here you can have a soda in the store’s lounge or go in to the club for a smoke and watch some television. We have several discount packages available, so come into the store for more details.
Regular monthly prices: Small Locker (24″ x 15″ x 6″) $10.00 monthly. Large Locker (22″ x 18″ x 16″) $20.00 monthly