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Hoop earrings
I love the website's selection. I ended up buying way more than i planned to, including a pair of clip-on earrings. But i didn't see any clip-on hoops.
I got some clip in Hoops from Amazon.
I have also seen clip-on hoops on Amazon, you can get an assortment for around $15. I love the Amazon locker delivery, very discreet. I have been planning on doing some pierced to clip-on conversions myself.

I always wear earrings, part of creating my feminine image. It's fun to match up my earrings with the rest of my outfit. Other women are likely to notice if your earring selection is out of context with the rest of what you are wearing. They will notice clip-on earrings too, so I am always searching for clip-ons that conceal well.

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