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Do any of you Gurls watch Sissy Hypnosis Videos?
(12-11-2020, 07:52 AM)wmtop313 Wrote: Hi Angela!
Personally, I gravitate towards xhamster - do you have a different suggestion / location to view the hottest gurls?
Let me know!
Weightlifter Daddy

Hi Cathy!

"helpless and confused and agreeable" - sound like the perfect gurl to me!

: )

Weightlifter Daddy

icetranny dot com
QUOTE: " icetranny dot com "

Thank YOU Bernice!

: )

Hey All,

These are a total guilty pleasure of mine! First-off, I just have to respect the editing chops of whoever puts them together!

But they can be a fun context-builder if your dressing up.I actually prefer to have them in the background while putting on Makeup, then watching them if I have to let something set.

I DO get turned off by some of the more abusive-language using ones, just not my thing.

As for the brainwashing effect, probably not as effective as just practicing a walk in the mirror or coming up with your own 'mantra' to get in the mindset of being woman.

I'm also a metalhead, maybe someone should re-cut these with some dark 90's industrial behind it? \m/


  Stay Fierce   Heart

Yes Alana, the editing and overlaying of layers (music, graphics, video, etc...) must take quite a lot of time - I also appreciate the effort!

Happy 2021!

Weightlifter Daddy

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