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Where do I unload this stuff?
Hi everyone, I'm brand new, but just stopping by.

So I don't mean for this to be spam-ish, but I am really looking for a place to sell all the stuff when I used to CD.  I have a large handful of silicone prosthetics that cost me over $1000 that I don't want to just throw away, that I know could go to someone who needs/wants them.  I can't sell them on FB marketplace ("adult" items).  I know eBay is an option, but there are SO many items on there due to Chinese sellers or auction headers with keywords that my things would get lost in the search results.

Long story short, a number of months ago I ended up transitioning as a MtF, and I don't use those things anymore. Any advice is appreciated.  

Welcome to the forums.
Try craigslist.
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Hi Enigma....welcome to the forum here.  I was think FB marketplace until you pointed out the adult aspect of this.  I don't know of any places to sell this.  Probably Jodie's suggestion of Craigslist might be the best.

Congratulations on your transition.  I hope you achieved everything you wanted to do with your transition.

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