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Tin foil hat time?
Yeah, I know this is a bit off topic from what we generally discuss, but this is weirdly interesting..... So last week, at around 1:09 in the morning, I got a text from my daughter. I ignored it until morning when I sent here one asking her to clarify what she was sending me in the middle of the night. At about the same time as we are having that discussion, my ex-wife texts me asking for clarification of the text she got from me at 5:30 that morning.

Weird, because my daughter did not text me, nor did I text my ex-wife. But the texts were re-sends of old texts we had sent some months prior. (Mysterious background music plays now). And here is where it gets really weird......

This morning, I'm just having a cup of coffee and looking through the news, and I come across this - "A mysterious wave of texts hit America's phones overnight". It's a video, just 47 seconds long, posted two days ago, about this same thing happening. But it was happening across the country, and on multiple carriers. And they do not know why...

So let's see; multiple carriers, different type of phone hardware, and different phone operating systems....... I'm just curious if any of you ladies had the same things happen? Love ya, Michelle Heart Heart  (sorry, no tin foil hat smilies)

PS. here is the link to the video if you are interested....
Nothing happened at my home but I'm already protected by the aluminum foil that is draped over the windows and foil lining the ceiling.  LOL.

Seriously though, no, my family has not experienced any weird texts.

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I read about this on another forum, but I didn't experience it myself.

The weirdest thing I have had, was a FB message from my sister, about 2 months ago. The only problem: she died 3 years ago.

Nothing spooky though, a hacker got into her account and messaged several members of the family.

Gotta say though, my heart skipped a few dozen beats when I got a message asking "How are you?" from the beyond....
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