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Tentative transition timeline
Thank you Anne.That means a lot to me. It's weird though. On one hand, it is kind of scary. Taking everything I know about how I used to be, and just chuck it out the window. Completely learn a new way of thinking, and approaching things. Building new, and different, relationships with people; some of which I have not met, nor probably ever get the chance to meet.

But on the other hand, a new world, just waiting for me to grasp hold of it. To be free of all the burdens I have always had to deal with. To relax for once. To feel good about how I look and feel. To be happy with myself.

Yes, there will be people that look at me as some kind of freak. But hey, "I don't mind, because they don't matter".

So, when I wake up from anesthesia, with my two "Christmas presents" firmly, and forever, attached; I will be as complete as I can be (facial and body hair removal, and my Orchiectomy completed beforehand). Then all my 'male' clothes are destined to Goodwill. And then I will be doing what all women do - GO SHOPPING! I will need a completely new wardrobe. And I've always thought lingerie dressers were so feminine; so I have to get one. Love you all, Michelle Heart Heart
Michelle, I am certainly no expert on what you will experience with your surgeries and transitioning. I am sure you will go through an emotional roller coaster with a fair share of good days and bad days. On the bad days, renew your faith in your decision making and stay strong. On your good days, celebrate who you are and the new woman you are becoming in mind, body and spirit. What a fantastic journey you are undertaking!! Know that many, myself included, wish we were taking the same journey with you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Wow, a whole week on hormones now. And I guess some of the stuff I heard about this affecting your mood is right. It's not too bad, but I sure would like to be less moody. I just seem to be less enthusiastic about things in general. I can't wait to hear from a therapist I was recommended. Then maybe I can get get moving on getting all of this testosterone out of my system and let the estrogen do it's work. Oh well, one day at a time I guess. Love, Michelle
Well ladies, for a couple of days around the middle of this last week, I just about went nutzo. I was ready to.... I don't know what. But I got my senses back, and only missed one, or two, days of hormones. And this morning I had a long talk with my two young sons about hormone levels, and what mine were, and where they were going. And we talked about what changes will be going on with my body, and how my choice of clothing will have to adjust to those changes. And I showed them some of my new clothes, just some shorts and jeans. They understand that I will have to wear a bra as my breasts grow, and eventually be surgically enhanced. And they know I have a wig to wear. And they even wanted to know what I need for my birthday; a nice pair of satin pajamas (top and shorty pants). And they know that no matter what I look and feel like, I will always be their Dad. That I will always love them, and they told me they will always love me.

And tomorrow, the ex will be told. She will just have to deal with it. If two young boys can accept and deal with it, she can too. So, onward and upward. Next week I will make an appointment with my counselor to begin discussing a timeline for my Orchiectomy. I'm shooting for a mid-summer surgery. And no more of these hormonal emotional outbursts. Love you all, Michelle Heart Heart
Neverending hugs and best wishes as you continue your transition and coming out.
Well ladies, today my ex-wife and I had a chat about 'me'. She didn't shoot me, tell me to leave and never come back, or threaten to take the kids from me. Of course, she also didn't jump up and hug me and tell me how cool it was, could we be girl friends, and go shopping. It's 'a lot to take in', 'a lot to digest', 'a lot to comprehend', etc. She has text me with other questions, and I have answered them. She, as am I, is only concerned about this affect on our two boys. I told her I'm taking it slow, and she agrees. And she agreed to help me with them adjusting to this. All in all, I think it went better than I had expected. So, another boulder out of the way on my way forward. Love you all, Michelle Heart Heart

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