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Feminine hygiene - very personal type...
I'm sorry ladies, but this one is kind of difficult for me to write. You know, when you are with your man, and he whispers, "I want to be inside you". You want him so bad, but you worry about whether or not you are clean enough..... Well, I want to be clean enough. Actually more that just 'enough', I want to be spotless. Especially when that last vestige of my virginity is taken. So my question is about how to make yourself clean inside, and what are the best products to us? I know it may sound gross; but i have to know. And I don't want to just take a guess and hope it is good enough. Blush Heart Michelle
If you go to Amazon and search "shower enema system" you will find several different enema kits to choose from.  I have one of these kits and appreciate how well it cleans me out.  One end of the hose is the exact same thread series as the nozzle to which your shower head is attached.  Very simply, unscrew the shower head and screw on the hose.  Obviously the other hose end has whichever attachment you wish to insert into your anus for cleansing.   Some kits have a diverter valve that you can attach first so you can reattach the shower head and attach the hose off the side.

Be careful when you turn on the water.  Adjust the temperature so you get it just right.  Feel the water with your wrist or arm.  The skin there is more sensitive than your hand and will give you a better idea as to the temperature.  As you know, you gotta get that cold water out of the hot water pipe before you get a true idea of the water temp so be careful.  Yes, you could potentially burn your inside if you have HOT WATER running inside you.

Be careful with the power of the flow of the water.  If you have the water pressure turn all the way up, you could potentially TEAR YOUR INSIDES.  With my shower, I already have a diverter valve that I use so I adjust the valve so some of the water comes out of the showerhead and the rest out of the enema system.  I adjust it so I can a single stream of flow on the single stream attachment of 4 to 5 inches.   I then insert it for a count of 4 to 5 seconds and then pull it out.  You can then let it expel out of the shower but you potentially can have nuggets needing to be cleaned up off your shower floor.  For me, I scoot over to the toilet and expel there.  I do this like 4 or 5 times and it gives me a pretty good cleanse so I am prepared for anal sex.
Anne’s advice is excellent. Much better than drug store one-time kits. However, when out and suddenly interested, try a couple of the bottle kits in succession. Never trust a single treatment, as it will disappoint you and him.
You get something like that on Amazon, as it provides thousands of products that are best in this. So I hope it will give you the satisfaction level that you desire and it will make grademiners things interesting for you.

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