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Favorite "Transform" Music
(01-14-2019, 05:16 PM)MichelleL Wrote: Ladies, I just remembered this little application I installed on my laptop call YouTubeDownloader. I use it for downloading video and audio from YouTube, so I can watch or listen to them later. It is nice to be able to download a makeup how-to video and watch it whenever I want to experiment some more with my makeup. Or download an audio file to listen to later. The only limitation wit the free version I have found is that audio files can only be downloaded at 128kbps. If you want to burn them to CD, you need 192kbps, and then you have to buy the program. The 128kbps files are great for putting on your smartphone to listen to as you are cooking, doing housework, or just relaxing. BTW, I do not have any association with the folks that wrote this program. Love and kisses, Michelle

Thank you Michelle.  Was not aware of this and will definitely use this as it will be very handy.  There are previous YouTube makeup videos that I would like to save to my laptop to review.   Heart

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