Triangle Tatas Breast Forms

Triangle Tatas Breast Forms

Janet’s Closet Triangular Shaped “Tatas” are a go between a narrow breast form and a wide breast form. They feature the same height and width of a wide breast form without the full round feature. They work well either glued on or in a bra when the cleavage of the breast form needs to be less noticeable. These forms are great for achieving a passable figure that you can be confident in.

They are completely gluable using our hollister medical adhesive and remover. Please watch the videos on our website for complete instructions on how to glue breast forms. These breast forms come with our conditional two year warranty.


How to Select Breast Form Size

  1. Measure around your chest, just below your bust keeping tape snug – not tight just like in the picture above.
  2. You take that measurement, and use it to select your breast forms. Use only even numbers, if you measure 35″ round up to 36″.
  3. Say for instance you measure 36″ around your chest. You would select a 36D, C, DD, E or whatever cup size you want.

Differences Between Cup Sizes

C Cup
Medium, natural look.

D Cup
Large, fuller look.

DD Cup
Extra Large, voluptuous look.