Selene Tutu w/ Prosthetic Vagina


Lift your tutu to reveal the appearance of female anatomy with the Selene Vagina Tutu.

Hand crafted by the artists from Divine Collection who also make the beautiful Aphrodite breast forms, you're sure to look and feel feminine and flirty with our Selene Tutu, all for less than $100!

Built-in silicone vagina creates the ultimate in feminine appearance
Flirty and fun hot pink tutu is easy to wear
Comfortable and adjustable g-string back for no panty lines
Simply lift your tutu to show off your feminine surprise!
High quality silicone warms to your body and feels like skin
Moulded gently and curves around your tuck while helping to smooth your front
Hand crafted by the same artists who create Aphrodite breasts

Fits waist 29"-44"

Need a tape measure? Click here to download ours! Just cut it out, tape it together and you're good to go!

Retail Price: $199.90
Janet's Price:


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