Silicone Breast Forms

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  • Janet’s New Super Concave Breast Enhancers

    These breast forms feature a deep concave back, but a structure sturdy enough to keep its shape. Thi…
  • Self-Adhesive Triangle Breast Forms

    Made of a super-soft, lifelike silicone. These breast forms feature two removeable adhesive pads. …
  • Janet’s Ultralight E-Series Breast Forms

    Janet has learned over the years, particularly with large breast forms which are very heavy, that ke…
  • Triangle Tatas Breast Forms

    Janet's Closet Triangular Shaped "Tatas" are a go between a narrow breast form and a wide breas…
  • Super Concave Breast Enhancers

    Janet's super concave were specially designed for individuals that already have some breast dev…
  • Silicone Adhesive Enhancers

    Increase your bust 1-2 full sizes. Worn between breasts and bra the silicone pads warm to your body …
  • Perky Plus Strap On Breast Forms

    Janet's Perky Plus Breast forms are to her Super Concave breast forms, but in a strap-on style.…
  • Clearance – Pride of Detroit Narrow Series

    The Detroit Pride Series is our newest, and best series! Premium breast forms, low cost.…
  • Pride of Detroit Wide Series


  • Dolly’s Dream Series

    Dolly Parton wanted big boobs, so why can't you? The Dolly's Dream Series is our biggest breast form…
  • Velcro Chest Plate

    Achieve the most realistic look and feel with our breast plates. Finally, a way to get naturally, fu…