Picking the Right Breast Forms


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Picking the Right Breast Forms


With so many different types and styles of breast forms on the market today, how do you know which one is right for you?

While it’s true that breast forms come in many shapes, styles, and materials, selecting the best breast forms for you isn’t as overwhelming as it may first seem.

A lot of breast forms sold today are made of silicone. This is due to the realistic feel and movement that silicone forms normally provide. Silicone forms are great for almost any occasion. However there are other materials that can suit specific needs as well that we will talk about now.

Foam Breast Forms

If you’re new to crossdressing and looking for something low-cost, consider checking out foam breast forms. Foam forms are usually a little bit easier to wear and sometimes even lighter than their silicone counterpart. They’re also great if you plan to sleep in your breast forms as they are very durable.

They are ideal for the beginning crossdresser because since they’re more affordable, you can try on different sized breasts and see what works best for your overall look!

Strap-On Breast Forms

Strap-on breast forms are a great alternative to other types of forms as they are easy to use and don’t require the use of adhesives or other sticky products. They’re perfect for any crossdresser that wants the look for great breasts, and isn’t worried about the strap!


Now let’s talk about sizing. Here are 3 simple tips for measuring your chest so that you can choose the correct size forms.

1. Measure around your chest, just below your bust, keeping the tape snug.
2. Take that measurement and use it to select your new breast forms. Always round up to the nearest even number.
3. For example if you measured your chest at 36” you will select a 36C, D, DD or any other size that you want.

Pretty simple, right?

If you want to see what some of the different style forms look like, as well as different sizes and materials, check out our breast form page right here.

After you choose your new breast form, they should sit comfortably in your bra and not have much movement. Once you choose your perfect new pair of breast forms, you will have breasts that will not only look amazing, but feel amazing.

Breast forms are a fun product to shop for because they really put together your feminine look. Shopping for breast forms is much like shopping for new makeup and shoes, they should complement your overall appearance!

Also with breast forms, you can purchase different sizes and wear different sized forms based on your mood or the occasion that day. How fun is that?


Shopping for breast forms doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. Simply measure your chest, think about the size of the breast that you’d feel comfortable in, and you can start shopping for your new set of breasts!

If you’re near southeast Michigan, you can come down to the Janet’s Closet showroom and view all of the forms we have to offer. Not only that, our experienced staff can even help you find out which form is right for you!

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll be glad to assist you with whatever you need.

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