Janet’s New Super Concave Breast Enhancers

Janet’s New Super Concave Breast Enhancers

**Best Seller – Very Limited Supply**

These breast forms feature a deep concave back, but a structure sturdy enough to keep its shape. This innovative design allows many different benefits! They will lie flat over any natural breast tissue that you may have, but can also be worn by a flat-chested person and still have the ability to lie flat in a pocket bra, regular bra, or glued on. These breast forms are compatible with our Hollister Medical Adhesive and Adhesive Remover for long-term bra-less hold!

Innovative design allows these breast forms to look amazing on any body type! Deep concave back will allow the form to lie flat and look great over natural breast tissue and flat chests. Great for girls on hormones who are developing their own breasts. Super soft, lifelike silicone that gives a realistic feel but still holds its shape. Edges glue flatter because of the innovative shape of these breast forms. Deep concave back reduces overall weight of the breast forms. The shape also minimizes perspiration.

How to Select Breast Form Size

  1. Measure around your chest, just below your bust keeping tape snug – not tight just like in the picture above.
  2. You take that measurement, and use it to select your breast forms. Use only even numbers, if you measure 35″ round up to 36″.
  3. Say for instance you measure 36″ around your chest. You would select a 36D, C, DD, E or whatever cup size you want.

Differences Between Cup Sizes

D Cup
Medium, natural look.

D Cup
Large, fuller look.

D Cup
Extra Large, voluptuous look.

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