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Janet’s Locker Service

Janet's Locker Service - Offering Multiple Packages for Your Discreet Needs!

Here at Janet’s Closet we know how important it is to be discreet. Some of us just can’t keep our girly things around the house. That’s why we offer a safe place to store your things.

We offer two sizes of lockers for your convenience. A locker consists of a plastic storage container with a closing lid to keep dust and humidity out. You can access your locker at any time during our business hours.

Some girls like to come into the store and get their locker and take it into one of our two changing rooms. There they can change and get girly for a while. Some choose to leave the building with their boy clothes left behind in the locker.

We have several discount packages available, so come into the store for more details.

Small Locker: $10/mo
Large Locker: $20/mo
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