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How'd you choose your name?
Don't know why I chose my name. In fact early on people called me Khloé as I emulated every look Khloé Kardashian tried. I think her and Kendall are the prettiest of the girls but I digress. Like jackieeve57 I have a last name even a middle one. If i didn't have emails, social sites and the like under that name perhaps I would go with khloe
Paige is such a pretty name, and Paige Marie has a nice flow to it.

Re: last names...I have been working on that also...I have ideas, but haven't settled yet.
Kelly Green has a nice ring to it and it sounds like a name a pretty Irish lass would have. (Of course you may not be Irish but...)
LOL!! good thing I wasn't sipping my coffee just now...

I do think I have a smidgen of Irish, through the same grandfather who gave me my hair.
Well there ya go girlfriend. I actually took up Irish step dancing many a year ago.

Wow! He gave you the hair? Weren't you born with it? LMAO!!! Big Grin

come on now! (laughing)
(08-03-2016, 06:53 PM)Kelly Wrote: Interesting thread!  

My process was a bit more nerdy (not sure if that's the right word).  I've been pondering the idea of transformation for at least two years already...and one thing I have thought is that, if I were to go so far as to change my name and get new identity cards and SSA card and the whole deal...AND THEN some time beyond that decide that a full transformation is not for me and to revert back to a male identity, I'd want to have a name that could still work, so I wouldn't have to do a name change again.  

I know...crazy amount of speculative planning and fortune telling going on in my thinking process, but that's how I go and that's what I did.  Kelly would work for either gender.  For the record...I am nowhere near actually filing for a name change. My transformation, such as it is, remains mostly on paper, just a dream waiting for courage and determination to go forward.  (it took a long l o n g  L O N G time for me to work up the nerve to simply park my vehicle in front of Janet's, let alone go inside.)  

But this has been simmering inside me for so long and I am thinking I am ready to take real steps to explore it for real.

Incidentally, many years ago my Mom told me that if I had been born a girl my name would have been Lynette, and I did consider that.  

(I am hoping this makes sense...I am the queen of irrelevant tangents and rambles and have trouble keeping on point)

[edit]  I forgot to mention, I have a large list of androgynous names, I focused on names that were common and popular in the 60s, when Kelly would have been born, and I settled on Kelly because I just feel comfy with Kelly.
Oh Kelly,

I do love your story and the why's of your choice... and Kelly will serve you well I am sure. I did notice in a followup post your reference to being Kelly Green... so does that mean you could be Green Green or Kelly Kelly?!  Big Grin I once golfed with a guy that chose his first name to be Kelly as his last name was Green... he would always wait to see if anyone would notice the 'connection'.  Cool   Tongue 

H & K
Nicole  Heart
I think someone else suggested Green to see how people would react ;p

I have some names to consider, I'll put two of them here just to see how they look on the screen...I'll look again after my brain cools off from brainstorming and see what I think.

Kelly Bancroft

Kelly Burkhart (or Burkhardt)
Lol. I said Green to see how YOU'D react, silly. Kelly Barrett sounds really nice. (not as nice as Green but hey...) LMAO!

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