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My 1st Story
What I am about to relate, a couple of you could probably tell on your own.  If not verbatim, at least in part, however, this is my story......

I have always loved certain fabrics, the look, the flow, colors, but the tactile signals of some, particularly cool satin have been intoxicating.
I found a friend who held several of the same interests as I did, similar background and both maintained the same, low, social standing. We also both found the others interest in fabrics.

Along about now, we found ourselves helping out at a local clothing exchange (a glorified garage sale).  This lead to my friend and I obtaining some women’s lingerie!   As well as a huge playboy collection, and a copy of the “Happy  Hooker”

At first it was slow, looking at the fabrics, the lace, and rubbing it on anything that would pop up, etc.  Before long, we were trying it on.  Then we would sleep in it.  Not getting caught was part of the excitement.... We were so “bad”.

THis went on for a couple of years.  Experimenting with bondage, trying on condoms, feeling how hot the others was when it got hard.  All still rather platonic.

We both had other friends, and girlfriends, and life pulling in several directions.  Periodically we would get together and hang out, maybe try on something new, but it sort of slowed down.

Then the bathing suit happened.  I came across a one piece mid 80’s style, swimsuit in the donation bag from another friend.  His much older sister was giving it away.  Quietly, it found it’s way into my bag and came home with me.

I was smitten.  The feel of the fabric, how tight it held me, was intoxicating.  It was like a full time hug in all of the right places.  I called my buddy and set up a get together.

After some video games, and the usual late 80’s movies full of hot tits, we turned in.  Shortly after lights out, we talked about our past fun times and laughed through the memories.  I got out of bed, took off my shorts and underwear, put on the bathing suit, then slipped back under the covers.  

As soon as he felt it, his hands took off to feel every part of that suit.  I reached down and found that he had on silk panties under his shorts.  That night I drained him.  He finished twice orally and once by grinding against my bathing suit encased ass.  

Unfortunately, the bathing suit didn’t last through that.   We did, however, ratchet up the level of “fun” in our get togethers.  We found we were both “switch” and would plan accordingly so we knew who was in what role before we met up.  He was much better at dressing and pulling together the “whole package” with stockings, shaving, make up, and his use of a vibrator.  He seemed to have an endless supply of cloths available.  I always tended a little more toward the masculine side, but I have never forgot that bathing suit. 

We went on for another year, then our lives really diverged.  That became the end of that side of my life, except for a couple “I wonders” with another suit, but nobody to share any of this with.  The excitement I felt when running my hand over her thigh-hi’s and finding his excitement at my touch,  slipping her panties down to get to her ass.  Being the little spoon, and feeling some “expectation” knocking.  The bathing suit material.  All stored away. 

Life moves along.  College ends, careers start, marriages, kids, everything that society expects.  

But now its time to be brought back up.  Life is too short.  

I’m going shopping for a bathing suit today.

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