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The Transition Pill - Chapter 9 Getting Toned and Setting the Tone
I’ll never forget that Jackie is the one who first defended me to Stacey and the first to insist I stay or she would leave the party too.  A true loyal friend can be so hard to find.  Some never find that one special friend.  Jackie is that special friend to me.  A couple days have passed since the party and I give her a call.
“Hi Jackie, it’s Anne.”
“Oh hi Anne.  How's it going girl?”
“It’s going amazing since I got to meet you and the other girls.  Hey, what do you think about you and I organizing a workout party with the other girls?  We could host it at the gym near Ian’s and my place.”
“Oh so it’s your place too, now?”
“It will be when Ian wakes up and realizes I’m the girl for him.”
Jackie laughs, “I think he knows girl.  He’s just having a hard time admitting it to himself.”
“I can’t believe he thought Stacey might be the one for him.  She was so mean and vicious.”
“Don’t worry about Stacey.  She was never in the running for Ian’s affection, not long term anyway.  Speaking of Stacey, Brad took her to the Emergency clinic.  They popped her nose into place but does she look ugly now.  She’s gonna need a nose job after what you did to her.”
“It would never have gotten to that if she would have been nice to me.”
“Ooo girl, you sayin’ you did that on purpose?”
“Let’s just say, I was motivated when it happened.”
“Hmmm, remind me to never get on your bad side.”
“Jackie, you’re too sweet to ever get on my bad side.  So what do you think about my suggestion?  I would love to lead the girls through the paces.  I’ll teach some self defense moves to the girls too.”
“Sounds like a good time girlfriend.  Let’s do it.”  After several phone calls by Jackie and me, we are all set for the next evening at 6:30.  We’ve got over a dozen girls set up including Tracy, Kristin, Sue, and Tracy.  I’m so excited about doing this with my new friends.

As the evening progresses, I’m organizing the fitness routines for our scheduled workout party that will happen in a couple evenings from now.  Ian peaks over my shoulder as I review my spreadsheet with my routines established in the order I want to do them.
“Whatcha doin’?”
“Ian, all the girls are coming to the workout party that Jackie and I set up.  We’re hosting it at our gym down the road.  I’m going to lead the girls through the workout.”
“That’s awesome, sweetie.”  He gives me a kiss on the cheek.  “Tell me about it”, and we talk about my workout plan.   I love that he’s interested in what I am doing and he shares some ideas with me.  It’s when we converse like this that I truly feel like we are a couple. He finishes with “Just remember, these girls most likely cannot keep up with you so you’ll probably need to scale back the intensity so they don’t get discouraged.”
“That’s a good point.  I’ll be sure to watch each of the girls.  Thanks for that tip.”
He moves behind me while I sit in the chair and gives me another kiss, this time on the neck and begins nuzzling me there.  I recognize Ian’s ‘signal’ that he’s interested in some play time.  “Mmmm, that feels nice”, and I tilt my head to let him have better access to my neck.  I feel his warm hands on my shoulders as he massages them.  “Ohhhh, that feels so good.  Keep doing that.”  His hands, rubbing my back and shoulders, are putting me into such a state of relaxation.  His mouth keeps working my neck and soon his hands have moved from my shoulders to wrap around me underneath my arms to reach my breasts.  His breathing is increasing as his moist breath is on my neck, his hands feeling through the material of my shirt and bra.  Feeling tingly sensations in my vulvas, my sexual urges prompt me to pull up my shirt.  My arms raised, Ian pulls it over my head and arms.  “This bra is so tight.  Can you help me take it off?” and I lean forward in the chair, giving Ian access to the bra strap.
“I don’t know”, he quips.  “Hmmmm, this looks a little complicated”, as he deftly unclasps the clip.  Freed from their elastic and fabric prison, my breasts practically pop the bra straps off my shoulders by themselves.  Ian finishes the job, removing the straps from my shoulders and over my arms.  Still standing behind me, he continues with nuzzling my neck while his arms reach around to the front, hands gently cupping my fullness.  “You are being such a bad boy”, I say as he gently tweaks my nipples, causing them to harden.
“Bad boys”, he whispers in my ear, “are much more fun.  Do you want a good boy or a bad boy?”  Involuntarily, I am becoming wet in preparation for Ian.  I can feel my heart rate increase and my breathing is becoming more rapid and shallow.  I turn my head towards Ian and eagerly greet his mouth and tongue.  Ian is experiencing his own physical arousal as certain muscles involuntarily relax, allowing blood to flow into the open spaces of his penis, engorging it in preparation of penetrating me.  I stand up from my chair and eagerly kiss Ian, our mouths becoming one as our tongues seek the other out.  Ian’s mouth moves to my neck and I exhale loudly.  “Mmmm Ian, I definitely want the bad boy.  He’s a lot more fun.”  Placing a hand on a curvy hip, I smile seductively through made up eyes at Ian, hips twitching and breasts jiggling.  “My bad girls need some attention from a bad boy.”  Taking me in his arms, my breasts squeezed tight against his chest, my eyes close as I anticipate his kiss.  His lips move from my mouth to neck to breasts to nipples.  Every time we’re together like this, I want it never to end.  My hands reach down to undo his belt, unzip his jeans, then slip inside his briefs to grab his male prize I crave to have inside me.  He feels so strong and powerful in my hand as I stroke him.  Having stripped himself, he focuses on wriggling my jeans over my hips, but pauses at my kitten.  Is it the subtle scent of female pheromones that diverts him, drawing his mouth on my vulva?  “Mmmmm, right there” and my hands clasp his head, almost pressing him tight.  His tongue probes up and down within my slit, his mouth sucking gently.  Finally I am naked before him, as he before me, his arousal proudly on display.  Guiding me to and sitting upon the couch, his turgid flesh beckons me to couple with him.  At first I kneel before him on the carpeted floor, spreading his legs so I can snuggle close to my “treasure”.  Resting my arms on his thighs, my mouth descends upon him, feeding upon his beautiful stiffness.  Is this what I was really intended to do?  When I was Steve the man, I had a few experiences on the receiving end of a blow job and enjoyed it.  The physical sensations for a man are thrilling to say the least as a woman sucks on him.  Now, I am in the opposite role as I feel his hard flesh rubbing against the inside of my mouth and throat.  The exhilaration for me is more on the emotional and sensual side of it.  I love to hear him moan as my head bobs up and down, the slurpy sounds my mouth makes as I try to breathe and please at the same time.  Oh, how he enjoys it but for me, a woman now, I don’t get physical pleasure sucking his cock in the same way he receives that pleasure.  I can understand how some women might consider it a burden to suck their guy’s cock but, I enjoy sucking Ian because it’s on a different mental level for me as a woman.  I guess I enjoy sucking him because it feels good for him, but I don’t want to do this for too long.  All this does is bring him that much closer to the point of cumming and I need him inside me for as long as he can hold out from releasing his seed.  The way I am bent over his cock sucking him, I can’t look up into his eyes, but I sense he might be making too much progress towards cumming so I stop.  My mouth was getting tired anyway...sorry dear.  You’ll have to shoot your load in my mouth another day.  So I get up to kneel on top of him, straddling him, his manhood at attention between us as I hold onto his shoulders and passionately kiss him.  How I love being a woman with large breasts.  Hanging from my chest and in this position, Ian is able to play with them.  I cannot understand how other women don’t like the attention their breasts receive.  I like to encourage Ian as I swish them back and forth across his chest.  It’s a form of self-teasing as my nipples brush against his chest hair and I love the feeling of that.  His hands reach up to play with them, “Can you handle those mister?  They might be too large for you.”
“Anne, honey, your tits are just perfect.  Oh, I can handle them.”  And handle them he does as his hands massage them and tweak my nipples to my pleasure.
Looking down at his stiffness, I announce, “Someone sure is begging for attention.”  So I lift myself up.  Reaching down, I grab him and position his tip between my lips.  Lowering my body, easing myself downward, he penetrates and slides into me.
For weeks going on months now, I’ve been a woman, thanks to the Transition Pill.  It’s as if I am losing my former self and becoming all of what I am now. Formerly as Steve, a man, my male sex would motivate me to seek sex so that I would find women to put my cock into them.  Now, here I am as a woman, desiring to have this man put his cock into me. Slowly I lower myself down, feeling him slide ever deeper into me until I have reached bottom, sitting down upon his lap.  Sex is so wonderful between man and woman.  The walls of my vagina stimulate the nerves in his mushroom leading to eventual climax and ejaculation yet the motion of his cock stimulates me, leading to my orgasm.  Being in this position, I love the control I have.  I rise back up, then lower myself back down at the pace I want.  My breathing and heart rate pick up because of the exhilaration I feel as I pick up the pace, practically bouncing up and down upon his shaft.  My tits bounce and it’s a visually stimulating moment for Ian to watch my large fleshy orbs gyrate in different directions.  I feel my orgasm building until those exquisite contractions hit me again.  “Ohhhh Ian.  Oh. Oh. Oh”, I sound off with each slap of my ass on his thighs, with each thrust of his cock inflicted by my own body bouncing.  My orgasm eases and I collapse onto Ian, trying to catch my breath.  Ian whispers “Anne, honey, do we need to move to another spot?”  He hasn’t cum yet and I now understand the one difference between man and woman.  If he had cum before me, we would be done simply because of male biology.  But I came and he hasn’t, which means he’s not done by any means.  But the beauty of female biology is that we get to have multiple orgasms.  I kiss him, “mmmm, we’re ok babe.”  With him deep inside me, I grind my groin on top of him.  With my hips and pelvis moving, my slick, wet vaginal walls massage his cock.  I am rocking my pelvis ever faster and his body begins to tense up.  Sensing he is almost there, once again I bounce up and down the length of his shaft.  There it is, the look on a man’s face when he’s about to cum, his hands grip my hips and that groan.  “Uhhhhh, fuck Anne” and I feel that pressure inside me, a telltale sign that he’s filling me.  I can feel that slick wetness that he’s giving me and I slide up and down on his hypersensitive mushroom.  Several more contractions later and we’ve satisfied the mating call.  I’m exhausted and collapse over him, still mounted upon him.  “Mmmmm, now you’ve done it, mister.”  I’m catching my breath, breathing heavily on his neck while giving gentle kisses there.
“Hmmm? What’s that?” His eyes are closed in satisfied, peaceful bliss.
“You made a mess of me down there.”
He kisses me and gives me a mischievous smile. “You have a special talent for draining everything out of me.  I’m a lucky guy that you’ve chosen me to make messes.”
“I would love it if we could keep on making messes forever. Mmmmm.”  For minutes I am on his lap, feeling him softening within me.  I want nothing more, just the two of us joined together until he is soft to the point of slipping out.  Like the Dutch boy plugging the dike, his semen spills out of me onto his groin.
“Hey”, he announces, “you’re going to get the couch stained.”
“Me?  It’s your cum” I laugh.
“Yeah, but you’re supposed to keep it inside you.”  I laugh, give him a kiss and hold one hand down by my leaking kitten to get us both a towel to clean up.  The rest of the night is small talk about friends and life in general.  I try to work talk about our future into the conversation but he is evasive so I don’t force things.  I cannot help but feel that this will all come to a head.  If he cannot commit to us, why continue with this relationship?  But I feel like I would die if we split up.  Later I slip on a sheer negligee and slip into bed next to Ian for the night.  I whisper “Ian, you asleep?”  No response.  Is he asleep or just faking it?  I continue whispering, “I know you said not to rush things. But I need you to know...I love you and would just die if anything happened to you.  I wish there was something I could say or do to make you love me.”  Eventually sleep comes to me.

Arriving at the gym the next day, Ian and I check in.
“Let me know if you need anything “, he says.
I scrunch my face.  “Pfffft.  Girl power here.  You let me know if you need help.”  We both laugh and he kisses me before heading into the men’s locker room. I check in with the front staff for our workout party.
“Hi there.  Anne Preuss here checking in for our workout party room.”
“Oh yes, hi Anne.  Hmmm, we’re really sorry but we made a mistake.  We accidentally double booked the workout room.  The other party had booked it before you.”
“Oh no. What am I going to do?  I have a dozen women coming to join me.”
“We’re really sorry.  If we put you in the small basketball room, will that work for you?”
“Oh, could you please?”
“Sure. It’s not reserved.  Will that be ok?”
“Yes'' I reply enthusiastically and I head to the women's locker room.  Being in the women's locker room is different from the mens.  In the mens, the guys don’t compare each other.  It’s the usual banter about cars, girls and sports.  But in the women's locker room, there is a catty comparison as the ladies disrobe. Eyes glance at reflections in strategically placed mirrors or directly at bodies as owners reveal boobs and pubic hair as they change into leggings or jeans.  Are her titties big or small, fake or real, tight stomach or loose stretched muscles from childbirth?  So much judging going on that the locker room has morphed from, a safe haven from male eyes, to the leering judgmental comparisons that tear apart this safe haven.  I am aware that women are looking at me in comparison as if I am some gold standard.  The transition pill has given me firm, uplifted perky DD breasts, curvy 36” hips, slim tight waist, all the physical attributes that these other women had and lost or, for many, never had.  While I’m grateful that the transition pill has transformed me into the woman I wanted to be, I feel an awkwardness, like I’ve cheated to be where I am.  Whenever I change, I catch the jealous glances at my body but I take care not to flaunt my physical attributes at anyone.  I want to be liked, not derided for having an acerbic personality.  Perhaps I am overcompensating but I’m trying to feel my way through becoming my new identity as Anne.  I like to think that I’m sweet and charming.  I notice one woman glancing at my breasts as I remove my top and bra, like she were taking mental notes of the way they jiggle with my movements.  It’s like my body is the gold standard for what they all want.  Finally, the girls start arriving.
I’m wearing pink leggings, sneakers and my breasts are popping out of my tight pink sports bra.  They serve as a constant reminder of how well endowed I am, as they get squeezed with each body hug and kiss-on-the-cheek I receive and give.  Jackie arrives with an exuberant “Hi Anne”.
“Hi girlfriend”, I give her just as exuberantly and happily embrace the crushed tit hug.  “You ready for a good, fun workout?”
She puts her hands on her hips and does squats to a chant of “1-2-3, 1-2-3”.  We both laugh and hug again.
Soon Kristin and the others arrive.  The locker room is soon filled with the cheerful banter of these sweet new friends of mine.  Ultimately 12 girls arrive to participate.
“Hey ladies, I’ll see you in the small gym with the half basketball court.  Gotta get the boombox ready”, and I am out of the locker room.  The weight machine area is across from where we will be working out.  I see Ian at a machine and wave at him.  Getting his attention, I turn my ass towards him, lick my thumb, place it on my ass and excitedly wave my hands at my “hotness”.  I see him laughing and I laugh too.  Walking into the room, I see it is set up with a half-size basketball court and no one is in there as the front desk people advised me.  Soon the girls are entering with their individual mats and hand weights.  I shout out to them, “All right ladies, let's gather in a big circle.  Everyone with their arms on the shoulders of the lady next to them.”  Like one of those football movies, I have them gyrating up and down.  My purpose is to get them psychologically jacked up for this and soon we are changing “girl power, girl power...break”.  Lots of giggles and soon we are on our mats.  Jackie leads them through our stretches.  To execute the martial arts moves embedded within my brain, Dave Wilson engineered the Transition Pill to make me incredibly flexible.  I easily do the splits while many of the girls are quite inflexible due to their lack of diligence with daily stretching.  Stretching done, I turn the music on and we engage in various HIIT routines.  Standing at the front, I call out encouragement to the girls as we go through lunges and squats.  Most of the girls are using 1 or 3 pound weights while I am using 5 or 7 pounders.  Jackie takes over and I go to give individual attention to each of the girls.  “Fantastic job Kristin.”  “Attagirl Sue.”  “You got it Chris.”  Each one breaks out in a smile when I visit them from their previous determined looks.  I’m having such fun working out with my new friends.  Next we gather by a large mat.  “We are gonna talk about some basic self defense for us ladies.  Who can tell me what is the most vulnerable spot on a guy?”  They all start laughing.
“You really need to ask us, Anne?”
I laugh.  “That’s right.  It’s their balls.  For all their toughness, if you are ever attacked by a guy, the best way to disable him is to kick or punch him in the balls.  Let’s say some chicken shit coward attacks you from behind.”  So I set Jackie up as my attacker and show them a couple of different ways to disable their attacker.  Then I have each of them take my place and practice their arm and leg movements.
“Anne, I don’t know if I can do that.”  It’s Kristin.
“Kristin, do you want to be raped or worse, killed?”
“No, but I….”
“There’s no buts Kristin.   People who will do these sorts of things to you are heartless creatures with no souls.  It’s really about survival.”  Then I get louder, “Girls, the best defense is to avoid those situations altogether if you can.  Be aware of your surroundings.  If you are uncomfortable with a situation, stay close to a crowd of people.”

That’s when trouble started.  Several young men start strolling into the room with basketballs.  I look at my watch and I note that we still have 45 minutes.  “Hey guys”, I yell to them, “we still have 45 minutes.”  They start bouncing the balls and shooting at the hoops.  “Hey guys”, I yell again, “we’ve got this room.”  They look at me, then smirk and laugh.  The ball shooting continues.  I think how Ian tells me to maintain control and avoid getting myself into circumstances.  Then they start dribbling the balls towards our direction to shoot the ball at the hoop near us.  It’s clear they want to intimidate us into leaving.  “We’ve got this room for another 45 minutes so you guys can clear out of here.”  One guy walks up to me, “shut your fucking piehole bitch.  We’re gonna play a game here, soon as the others show up.”  Now I’m really angry but trying to keep control.  “Fuck you asshole.  I’m going to get management.”  Leaving the room, I look across at the weight area and see Ian continuing his workout.  I walk over to the front desk that’s staffed by a 20-something.  “Hello, you guys double-booked on us and put us in the small basketball room. But some guys have shown up to take it away.  We still have 45 minutes for the room.  Would you please kick them out of there?”   He looks at me sheepishly, “I don’t want to get involved.  Those guys looked kinda nasty.  Can’t you just stop what you’re doing and let them have the room?”
“No.  That’s our room.  Stop them.”
He shakes his head.  “My boss instructed me to avoid escalating problems into bigger problems.”
“Well, this is going to escalate into a bigger problem if you don’t do something.”  But he turns away from me to do some meaningless task.  I’m getting so frustrated.  I jog back over to the room.  As I open the door to enter, I see Jackie confronting one of the room interlopers who is dribbling a basketball.  She kicks the basketball away in frustration.  Jackie thinks that she’s in a safe place because she’s at the gym.  But with these thugs, I see the situation differently.  Before I can warn Jackie, I watch as she is struck by him and sent sprawling to the hardwood floor.  “Jackie” I cry out.  Turning towards the weight area, I scream “Ian”.  Rushing into the room, I run to Jackie. “Jackie, are you ok?”  Jackie looks up to me with hurt eyes.  She’s stunned but she looks ok.  I turn to look with vengeful eyes and see Ian confront a perpetrator.  Dodging a swing from him, he sends a closed fist crashing into his jaw.  He turns his head to see another descending upon him and a quick elbow to the nose of this attacker disable him quickly.  My quick evaluation tells me that Ian is an experienced fighter, quick to evaluate situations.  Pandemonium has broken and the girls are screaming in fear.  Some manage to escape the room, others gather to the side in fear.  More friends of the basketball players enter.  Their disadvantage is that they have no idea why this is happening.  They only see their fellow basketball mates attacking Ian and join in.  Soon enough Ian has six descend upon him and he is overwhelmed.  Approaching from behind, I assess one of Ian’s attackers.  His legs are slightly apart, providing opportunity.  Violently, I kick upwards from behind, into his testicles and he crumples to the floor in anguish.  His buddies on each side, see him fall and turn to confront me.  The first lunges with a fist at me but my body twists and bends to avoid his thrust.  While he is off balance, I leap and flip in the air.  My legs twist into a scissors wrap around his neck and I twist him over as we crash to the floor.  Before he can react, my left arm swings down, fist clenched, slamming into his nose.  I don’t have time to note the broken nose I’ve inflicted and the blood spurting out.  I stand up and the other attacker places his hands about my throat to choke me.  With quick, sharp motion, both of my arms swing in upon his ears.  My hands are splayed out flat as they simultaneously slap on his ears.  One eardrum is ruptured and he screams in pain as his ear bleeds and turns away.  With three less attackers, Ian manages to roll out from his scrum and get on his feet.  I leap to his side and we look at each other, his eyes showing worried concern for me as mine do for him.  One guy lunges at Ian but Ian grabs his thrusting arm to twist it and bring it down awkwardly on his thigh.  The sound of snapping bone and tearing ligaments fills my ears followed by his attacker’s shrieks of pain.   Mistakenly my attacker looks at me and thinks he’s looking at an easy target, a woman.  He reaches with his left hand to grab me but I grab his arm while turning and flip him over my shoulder.  He is thrown to the floor and with extra force, I slam my foot into his testicles.  Funny how I wonder to myself if he’ll be able to father any children.  By now, the commotion has caused friends of Ian to flow to the room and the additional number of people serves to quell any further action by this thug basketball group.  In panic, the front desk worker has dialed 911 and police eventually arrive.
I rush to Jackie, “are you ok?”
“Anne, I was so angry but when he hit me I became so scared.”
I wrap my arms around her and we hug for the longest time.  She softly sobs into me and I comfort her with more hugging.  “Jackie, it’s alright.”
Ian approaches “are you ok?”
“We’ll be ok.”  I stand up from Jackie to wrap my arms around him, I softly say, “Ian please don’t be mad at me.  I tried to avoid this.  But they hurt Jackie.”
He pulls me tight and hugs me.  Feeling his strength I softly sob into his embrace.  Paramedics arrive to tend to the wounded and as the girls and others report what happened to the police, it’s not long before several are taken out of the gym in handcuffs.  Ian makes a quick phone call and then he and I give our stories as well, but we are still required to go to the police station to provide an official statement.  As I give my story, it becomes more clear to Ian that I tried to avoid a confrontation and that my violent reprisal against these thugs was in reaction to help him.  Soon the word is getting around the police station about the man and woman who beat up a bunch of guys.  Various police officers walk by us to see for themselves, the muscular 6’2” Ian, and while they think highly of what he did, they are more intrigued with the large breasted woman who used martial arts to take out four men.  It’s not long before Sullivan makes an appearance and enters the police sergeant-on-duty’s office and shuts the door.  Soon enough, the sergeant approaches us to tell us we are free to go.   Leaving the police station, we go to Ian’s Hummer.  Inside, Ian turns to me.  “You put yourself in danger for me.”
“Ian, you were outnumbered and being overwhelmed and I was able to help you.  I couldn’t let them just beat on you.  There were too many.”
“But you could have gotten overwhelmed yourself.”
“Ian, I don’t care what you say about taking things slow.  I want you to know….I love you.  I hate that this sounds like some crazy desperate woman talking but it’s how I feel about you.  I would be devastated if something happened to you.  I put myself in danger for you and I would do it again.”
“Anne, I know how you feel.  I think the world of you…”
‘Shit’ I think, ‘here comes the but part.’
“...but I need more time to sort things out in my head regarding us.  I’m officially your bodyguard but I feel more than that for you.  Way more than that.  How long have we been seeing each other?”
“Two months.”
“Right. Two months.  I’m not going anywhere.  Just give it more time.
I slump back in my seat.  “Ok Ian, I’ll do my best to be patient.”  We then discuss what the other did to disable our attackers.  More and more Ian realizes that the Transition Pill has not only transformed me into a beautiful voluptuous woman, but that it’s made my senses and physical characteristics more acute and stronger than the fittest women he’s ever seen.  Still, without the martial arts knowledge passed along by the programmed nanoprobes, all my strength and quickness would be mostly useless without understanding the application of strike points, lines of force, coordination of body movements.
“You’ve had no formal training with self defense or anything like that.”
“None, but I know it now so well that I can teach it.  And when I use it, it’s like second nature to me.”
“It’s no wonder the NSDA has such an interest in you.  Are you ever concerned that this pill and the probes might be doing something bad to you that you are unaware of?”
“Well, for the first time I can ever recall, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.  I love being the woman I am.  I love being with you.  If ultimately something bad happens to me, perhaps that’s the price I’ll be forced to pay to be the truly happy woman I am now.  Every day is a gift to me.  Every day with you is a gift to me.”  If he didn’t realize I am smitten with him, he should now.  Already I think about making babies with him.  My mind is so transformed into being in essence, Anne the woman, that I feel I have lost my past sense of the man I was.

The next day I get a call from Jackie.  “Hi Anne, it’s Jackie.”
“Jackie, how are you doing?”
“I’m doing ok.  A little sore where that guy hit me and knocked me down.”
“I’m so sorry.  I wish I could have stopped that from happening before it did.”
“Girlfriend, you got a bit of a hothead for a friend.  I don’t know that you could have stopped what happened but I’ll be smarter next time.  Hey, listen.  I want you to come over to my place tomorrow night for a little wine and lots of chitchat.”
“Oh, ok.  I like the sound of that.  I’ll bring an appetizer.”
“You don’t have to but if you want.”
Another day goes by and I arrive at Jackie’s place.  I ring the doorbell and I hear a voice call “come in”.  Opening and stepping through the door, it’s dark inside.  There’s the sounds of hushed whispers and giggles when I call out “Jackie?”
The lights are suddenly flipped on and all of my workout friends are there shouting out “Surprise!”  They are holding a large banner that reads “ANNE OUR HERO” in a rainbow of colors.
My mouth is open in amazement, my hands go up to cover my look of surprise.  They all rush up to hug me and I am overwhelmed with tears.  The room becomes filled with the chatter of women.  I call out, “Look what you did, you made me mess my mascara.”
The girls all laugh, “Anne, you’re so sensitive.”  One by one they come up to me and give me big hugs and thanks.  Gathering up drinks and snacks, we sit down to talk and I am barraged by many questions.
Sue asks first, “Anne, were you scared?”
“Oh God yes, I was very scared.  When I went to Jackie and saw that guy hurt her, I was really angry at first.  But when I saw Ian had been overpowered by six of them, I knew I had to help Ian.  So approaching them from behind was an advantage for me but I was scared because once I started fighting, it was going to be them or me.  But I had to do something or I would die if something happened to Ian.”  That last sentence ignites a chorus of “ooooo’s”.  Kristin chimes in, “Do you love him, Anne?”  That queues Marcy, “I’ll bet she loves what’s down below.  Anne, is it true what we heard about him?” And she holds her hands a foot apart.  They all lean in towards me, eagerly waiting for my answer.
I reply, “Perhaps just a bit more”, and I hold my hands at Marcy’s foot and my eyes grow wide as my hands move apart to 18 inches.  Some of the girls squeal and we all laugh together.
“Anne, I’d go save him too if that was mine.”  More laughter ensues and the wine flows freely.
Then Sue asks, “Anne, how do you do everything you do?  Who taught you that?”   This is where Ian coached me to be careful and secretive.  I cannot expose these girls to the knowledge of the Transition Pill and the NSDA program with the nanoprobes for fear of endangering them.  But I also have to be careful not to get caught in the lie.  “I must have won the lottery with my genes.  I’ve always been athletically gifted that way.  I’ve done training at various studios but I’ve never pursued competition.”  More talk about boyfriends and sex and body parts is fueled by more wine until the evening draws to a close.  I give each of them a big hug and catch a Lyft ride home.  I’m a bit tipsy as I walk into the condo.  Ian is on the couch watching a show as I lay down with my head on his lap.  He strokes his fingers through my hair and asks, “Did you have a good time tonight?”
I nod my head.  “Uh-huh!  I think all the girls are jealous of me...but in a good way.”
“Jealous? Why?”
“Jealous I have you.”
He smiles looking down at me.  “Funny that.  My friends are jealous of me.  I think their jealousy is based on my dating a beautiful, voluptuous woman without noticing the intelligent, witty person inside.”
“Funny that”, I answer back.  “I think their jealousy is based on my dating a gorgeous hunk of a man with a reputation for being ummm, well endowed,without noticing the sensitive, caring person within.”
My overindulgence in wine causes me to fall asleep on his lap.  Gently he picks me up and carries me to the bedroom.  After laying me on the bed, he carefully unclothes me and covers me with the bedsheet.  He prepares himself for bedtime and slips under the sheets next to me, our naked bodies side by side.  I blissfully sleep as he kisses me on the cheek.  Had I been awake I could have heard him say “God, I think I love you.  What am I supposed to do?”

Coming Up...Chapter 10 - Meeting the Parents 
Nice, thanks, Anne! Lovely fantasy.
(06-26-2020, 05:52 PM)CanuckGirl Wrote: Nice, thanks, Anne! Lovely fantasy.

Thanks Amy.  I wasn't sure if anyone was enjoying the story.  I appreciate the feedback.

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