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Letting friends know
I have very little desire to dress, or try to pass as a female.  Other than breast forms, and bras, I dont wear women's clothing.  I may expand on that if I see a top I really like, but so far it's just the boobs I'm really interested in.  I have been hiding this desire from friends for several years...this past Halloween (2019) I wore my boobs to a costume party.  I did it again at a New Year's Eve party.  Both times in male clothing.  I received verbal confirmation from a couple of female friends who say they will support whatever it is I'm trying to do.  ?  Of course the women are much quicker to support me than the males.  I don't expect any of them to understand...but if they can accept it then that is fine with me.  Next step....going out in public (other than nature trails)...hopefully with friends.
Hi mtf, I have read accounts of other CD's who will wear smaller B cups under a sweatshirt or loose fitting shirt to hide their breasts but still provide the personal satisfaction of wearing/feeling breasts on their chest.   While we all wish for a world in which we can wear what we wish, maybe this is something you could try and avoid the possible ridicule from your male friends?
Some (many?) CD's get enjoyment from dressing as a woman and being able to present themselves in public.  Since this is not a motivation for you, perhaps disguising your breasts under loose fitting clothing is the answer to satisfying your need to wear your breasts publicly?

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