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A Deep thought
If you put women's clothes in front of me I want to wear them and feel sexy, If you put a penis in front of me my mouth will open and I'll sink to my knees.. you do either of those in front of people I'll pretend I'd never do it... why do I have these struggles? Hmmm
Question: If a penis is presented to you, does it matter to you whether or not you are in "girl mode"?

To answer your question, it is because you fear letting other people know the real you. You are afraid of how they will react. This is perfectly normal and natural.
Before you can love another, you HAVE to love yourself first
I aim to misbehave
I'd like to think if I was presented a penis anywhere in private I wouldn't hesitate to pleasure said penis... the problem I have is someone giving me the opportunity lol and I'm not sure who the real me is from day to day...


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