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Video store
So about a month ago I went to this video store looking for a new toy to please my well you know. So I decided to go in the booths and watch some videos when I sat down I realized there was holes cut in the walls HOLLY SHIT I said to my self it’s a glory hole , I got very excited thinking about a big throbbing cock appearing in the hole . So I just in a little while I hear a door open and looking in the hole there he sat with pants down to his knees giving it the old tug !!! My heart was beating out of my chest. So this was my chance the one I have thought about so often, so I took my shorts off to reval my fem side as I was wearing a thong and tucked up and away. I placed my hand in the hole and waved him over and there it was a cock in the glory hole not huge but it will do so I started to touch and stroke him off. I was shaking so bad with the complete since of joy I did not know weather to cry .or smile , so about 2 min later I feel this hand on my on nice freshly shaved ass and I lost lost it OMG!!! Shy I pulled my shorts up and got the hell out of there . That was the first time I had  experience anything like that it was kinda kinky. So that night I played with my new toy Heart Heartit was great
Heart Heart XOXO
Thank you for sharing your experience Dusty.  I have to admit there is a slutty side to me that I have a kink fetish for gloryholes.  Unfortunately one cannot find anything like that here in Wisconsin (at least nothing that I am aware of and I'm not sure how I would go about searching for that).  Also, I've only been out publicly twice since I am closeted.

Are there any other members out there who have experienced the thrills of a gloryhole? Angel
(11-01-2019, 07:11 AM)Anne Wrote: Are there any other members out there who have experienced the thrills of a gloryhole? Angel

Once, at an ABS in Connecticut, before I was out & about as Jodie.
Kind of surprised me really, but I did give the person a handjob. They seemed to enjoy it, based on the mess they made in my hand...
Before you can love another, you HAVE to love yourself first
I aim to misbehave
I so want to enjoy a glory hole
have been to some video stores with them but not any luck so far, will keep trying

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