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What would you do for a Klondike bar......
So I took the boys out for a treat this evening to on of those chain convenience stores close by. You can get gas, food, and groceries type of place. So we got our treats and went outside to one of the tables to eat. I had on my short shorts and a t-shirt, no makeup and my hair all tousled out. Well you know that last bit of the Klondike bar that gets all messy on your fingers? Well I made sure i very suggestively licked and sucked my fingers clean whenever some guy was approaching the front entrance. Damn, I'm naughty. I wonder what those guys thought. Hugs, Michelle Heart Heart
How did you miss the fellow that bought a Klondike bar and rubbed it all over groin after he saw you?
Well, that would have been sweet! And on soooo many levels. Love ya, Michelle Heart Heart
It’s always great being admired by a man! I try to make eye contact and it’s always fun to get him to smile back at me!

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