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First day in our new townhouse
Well, we got the keys today and started moving some stuff in. The boys bedroom stuff gets moved tomorrow, and then I have to get new bedroom furniture. And I'm going to make sure it has a lingerie chest so I have a home for all my panties, bras, stocking, etc. And I'm doing the master bathroom in pink. As soon as I get settled I'll have to post some pictures. Hugs, Michelle
Have lots of fun moving in and decorating.  It's always exciting when you move into a new place.  I assume you are not that far from where you used to live so you will be familiar with the area.  Will the boys be in a different school?  That can be a challenge for the boys if they are.  Have you met your new neighbors?
Anne, you are correct, our new home is about 20 minutes from where we were. The boys attend a home-school coop, so they will be going to the same school. As for decorating, it is a blast. I just need to get stuff unpacked first. Hugs, Michelle Heart Heart

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