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Rhinoplasty - Getting my nose fixed and reduced
Hi ya sis, how is the world, and your nose, treating you today? I hope all is well, and healing nicely. I was just thinking of you, and well, you know how I am.... Love ya, Michelle Heart Heart
Thank you so much Michelle.   Other than the swelling and sensitivity (have to be somewhat gentle when blowing my nose), it is going wonderfully.  I have a little residual yellowing and bruising under/around my eyes but that is slowly fading away.  I get to look at my face every day in the mirror now, and love my new look.  My current expectation is that I have until the end of May for the swelling and sensitivity to go away but it could be even longer than that...we'll see.

I've had people who look at my new nose and compliment me about how nice and straight it is.   And then there are others who say they didn't notice that it was broken and crooked at all.   So I think I am dealing with two camps of people...those who are/were too kind to point out the obvious (it was broken and crooked) and those who are oblivious....and I'm just fine with that.  I cannot wait for the swelling and sensitivity to go away so I can apply makeup to my face.  It wouldn't be a problem putting it on at this point but to take a Neutrogena wipe to my nose to wipe off the makeup....I'm not sure I'm ready for that just yet.

Thank you for checking on me.  I hope all goes well for you. Love ya.
Yep, everyday is a new and exciting adventure. Yep, I'm sure makeup removal would be a literal pain. It would be so nice to have surgeries be nice and simple and no after effects. But, oh well, what us gurls go through to look pretty. So long as the guys appreciate it, it is worth every bit of the effort. Love ya, Michelle Heart Heart

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