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April 3rd is a National Holiday
Yep, you all didn't get the memo? Oh well, that is my birthday, and it is always supposed to be a National Holiday. So, if your boss hasn't told you yet; feel free to take the day off, put on a nice outfit, do your hair and makeup; and go out in the world. If someone gets pissed at you; just tell them 'it's Michelle's birthday, and she told me to'.

Anyway, my two darling sons bought me a nice pair of pajamas for my birthday. And my oldest wants to pick some flowers for me. That is so sweet. Anyway, I attached a picture of the pajamas (NO, that is not me wearing them!). Love ya, Michelle Heart Heart

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Since I am retired, every day for me is a national holiday in celebration of Michelle's birthday.  Angel   How sweet of your sons to give you the pj's.
Anne, you are just the best. I could just hug you to pieces. Yes it will be so nice to open the present and model it for them. It is nice that they are accepting this so well too. Love ya, Michelle Heart Heart

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