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How It's Going
It's going slow. Weight loss is behind schedule, but still positive. I spent 3 weeks in St. Petersburg, including 3 days working the St. Pete Grand Prix for Indy cars. There were so many women working the races to admire, including the woman working Race Control while the races were underway. She was the voice of authority to all of us on the course.

I have set the following goal for this year: 2/18/19: I have only one goal in this regard for this year: on one day, to go for a walk in a public place dressed in a flowing skirt, a full blouse off my shoulders, flats, simple jewelry and a big straw hat over a simple, feminine haircut, and not attract unwanted attention.

I believe I can still do this and it will take me a long way to resolution of my conundrum.

Michelle's post on Oriechtomy took me aback. It occurred to me this was something I could do; I am not expected to father children at my age. I have no idea whether anyone respectable would do this while I am a married man, however. Better, I think, to go the way I can go and not cause drama until and unless it becomes inevitable.

Meanwhile I bought a big brimmed "bucket hat" to wear on the golf course and racetrack out in the sun. The good news is I look like an old woman in this wide brimmed hat. The bad news is...oh, well.

Believe me, girls: I am happy, even now, pursuing this as I can. As my favorite secular philosopher said in a novel (You Only Live Twice): it is better to travel hopefully.

The Love of a Comrade to you all.
Hi Stacia,
What a great goal to go for!!!  I hope you get there.   Looks and presentation are the main two items.  Looks obviously has to do with dressing, makeup.  I'm sure you are diligently and happily practicing those.   By presentation, I mean how you walk, how you sit, how you stand....women present themselves so differently from men.  When I am in a public setting, I'll watch how the women physically move...sitting, walking, their legs, arms and hands move....and I'll try to mimic those moves.  I hope to make these moves second nature to me.  Best wishes to attain your goal.
I second Anne's observation on looks and manners. Unfortunately, around where I live, most of the 'genetic' women look more like some prehistoric species, than actual women that a man would find desirable. So, look for women that are dressed, and act like women; those are the one's to learn from. As for the Orchiectomy, I'm doing it for a couple of reasons; to get rid of as much testosterone in my system as I can, so the estrogen can work better, and make it easier to walk and sit without having those 'things' in the way. 

A Dr. Mark Litwin, UCLA, has a really good YouTube video on the subject, titled Gender Affirming Orchiectomy. There is also a Gender Affirming Orchiectomy. There is also a Scrotectomy. With this procedure the testicles and entire scrotal sack is removed. Orchi is better suited for those that will eventually have full bottom surgery. I'm not planning that, so there is probably no reason to leave an empty sack hanging around for me, so I will probably go with the Scrotectomy. For me, it will me easier to shave, and look nicer. Love ya, Michelle Heart Heart

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