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Feel Guilty Looking but not Posting
So Here Goes...

Just drop in to say hi to everyone.  You all seem so respectful, I had no reason not to post.  And lord knows I take pics, because I take one everytime I get dressed which is every day.  And it all really began with an interest in shoes when I was about 7 years old.  But here it is 40 years later and I have TONS of shoes.  And I DO miss the thrill of walking in a shoe store and asking to see a pair of size 10 (as my heart raced like I was on some kind of drug...).

Thanks!  I feel alittle better.


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Welcome Sarah. Stephanie is right (and awesome). Read and post as you are comfortable.
Jennifer  Heart  
I'm so envious of you....all those shoes.  I constantly look at shoes online but I have limited space to hide my things from my SO.  I have 4 pair heels and 2 pair ankle boots.  Oh, how I wish I had more.  All the beautiful styles, colors, designs....I want it all.

I hope we get to hear from you more.

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