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Local places in Detroit
Hi everyone.  I am heading to Janets on Jan 16 and was planning to go out afterwards.  I know Gigis and Adams Apple and I know there are several places in the Metro area.  I have not been to the Aut Bar in Ann Arbor or SOHO in Ferndale.  Does anyone have any experience with these places?  Is there any other place that someone would recommend?  Gigis is great, but it can be a little too "hoppin" for me on a Wednesday night.  Gigis, to me, is a Friday or Saturday night kind of place.

If anyone saw my other post about going to Janets on Jan 21, my plans have changed and I deleted the post to avoid confusion.

Thanks all!

Jennifer  Heart  
Sorry Jennifer, I have never been to Detroit. I've been through Michigan a long time ago what I was a young 'un, so I'm not much help. Heart  Michelle
Thank you Michelle. I am going to head either to SOHO or Liberty bar in Pontiac. My leanings are to SOHO in Ferndale. I talked to both places today and they both seem very friendly and welcoming. Gonna rock the place as Jen after a makeover at JC. Color me excited!!

Wish me luck!

Jennifer  Heart  
Jen, I sure wish I could be there. I recently joined a group here in the DC area called the DC Regional Trans Ladies Community. They are having a TGirl Nation event in the middle of February that I think I might go to. Assuming I can look presentable after my makeover next Tuesday. Love, Michelle Heart [url=][/url]

Jen, I forgot. This is how I see it. You walk through the door, the music stops; dead. Heads turn, the guys eyeballs almost pop out of their head, and their mouths drop to the floor. And the ladies with them, oh they are glaring at you gurl. Knock 'em dead. Love, Michelle

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