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Beginner Babble
Does any one else get a sense of comfort, of intimacy with oneself from wearing a bra? Who am I being intimate with?  The woman within? I feel like I am being hugged and right now resent having to take it off.

Stacia, holy crap; you are the first person I have ever met that can read minds. Babe, that is amazing. So, I find out my new pink (actually peach) front closure bra comes in from Bare Necessities today. So I went to the post office to get it and scurry back home and try it on. Slip in my breast forms, and old shirt, and here I sit writing this reply. Do I want to take it off? Hell no. Why would any woman want to take off their bra, or remove their breasts (assuming that was possible)? Women have breasts, and usually where a bra, ergo; I am a woman, I have breasts, and I wear a bra. And it feels FABULOUS. It feels WONDERFUL. Oh, I just want to slip some heels on and go jiggling down the street. Of course, it's just a bit cold here to just go out with a shirt and pink panties showing.... Heart  Michelle

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