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Our first day of life....
This has been something I have had in my head for centuries, millennia. When we breathed that first breath of air, we were naked. We had no clothes. The first 'clothes' we were placed in was probably some little hospital blanket. But as we grew up, 'society' decided we should dress like this, or like that. Why? Because some group of people decided that is the way things are supposed to be?

Well, wait a minute, the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians all wore, what we essentially call skirts, or dresses, today. 'But that was then, and this is now', they say. Why? Clothes are nothing more that mere pieces of fabric. Yes, they do hold things in place to make it easier to get around. Yes, they do have pockets to put stuff in. Yes, they do help keep the weather from us. But by and large, they exist, so we can make a presentation of us, of who we are, a signal to others that might have common interests.

So then, without our clothes, we are just body parts. All connected together, performing the specific functions they are intended for. So what if a woman walks down the street topless. They are just breasts. They have a function, and they apparently perform it quite well. Just as our legs do; to get us from place to place. Men can go topless. So what about a man walking down the street without pants on. Does his penis also not perform a specific function for what it's intended purpose is? To help reproduce offspring.

So why are we, as a society so hung up on whether or not, a human being, entering the world with a penis; wear pants, a shirt, a dress, a blouse, a skirt, or tennis shoes, or combat boots with an evening gown. We are humans, and we were not issued a prescribed set of clothes along with our birth. Those came latter, by a society that must have us conform no matter what.

Well, personally, to hell with that. I am me. I think and feel as a woman; not as a man. And I should be able to walk down any street, dressed as I wish, hold my head up high, and have the same respect that nay human being should be entitled to for just being human. I will remind myself of this each and every day. And hopefully, someday, I will have the strength, to pick myself up, get dressed, in whatever skirt, blouse, of dress I want, do my makeup, and walk out that damn door. Gurls, we deserve it.

I'm sorry for being too blunt, or long winded, but it really hurts me that we, the real we, have to stay behind that closet door. There are no 'doors' outside, and we should be free to come and go as we please. Well, that's my 2 cents worth, so I'll just go cry a bit now. I do love you all so much, Michelle

ps. maybe we all have a walkout one day. We just get up and all do it - walk out that door, as we truly are. All of us, from California to Maine, from Washington to Florida. For 24 hours we will be out, as US!
WOW, girl!!  That would be some significant statement for all cross-dressers to simultaneously step out as their alter-gender selves on one day!  If there was an online quorum, an organization of the event, it might work! :o

Might get national headlines...
~ Maria
HeartT.G.I.F. (Thank Goodness I'm Femme!) 

"Loneliness, a constant friend and lover I know well..."
('One Step Closer' by Asia)

Thank you Maria, that meant a lot. Maybe then, people would recognize as who we really are; just people like everyone else. We are all different, but all the same; human beings. Each with our own dignity. And us stepping outside the door, dressed as we feel best, should be no different than any other person leaving their home, to shop, to go to work, go to the movies, etc. So thank you again, and love always, Michelle

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