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Anklet; left or right?
Well gurls, I came upon this little tidbit...... "There is also another version that the bracelet worn on the right ankle is telling about its wearer’s being of non-traditional sexual orientation." So I guess as soon as i find that perfect one, it will go on my right ankle. 'Okay men, line starts.......' LOL!  Heart Love, Michelle
Well, I found the perfect one. A place called Eve's Addiction has engrave-able anklets. I ordered a pink, gold-clad anklet and got it the other day. I had "Sex On Legs" engraved on it. It is so cute. I will post a picture of it on as soon as I can. This snow has really screwed up some of my plans. Oh well, stay inside, warm and dry, and play!  Heart  Michelle

ps. Oh, and I got a necklace with my name engraved on it too.
Michelle that is wonderful I think anything that is personalized makes it alot more fun and enjoyable to wear either in or on an outing I have made some personalized type wearables for my wife and I

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