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Looking for More
Heart I know I am new here, and several girls were gracious to send their welcome, but there isn't much of the chat opportunities I hoped for.  I would love to more frequently just girl talk...I guess that's what the buddy list is.   I went for a walk tonight, but alone without cyber friends is lonely....hey, just showing my needy girl side....

Michelle Confused

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I agree with you Michelle I wish if you would like to chat private message me anytime would love it
Well, from one Michelle to another, yes, please feel free to message me anytime you want. We are about the same age (I'm 62), and from the looks of your pictures, just about the same bust size. Aren't they wonderful. So that begs my question; if i may be so bold. Big Grin  How big are yours? My forms are a 42D with a 46D bra. Do you use a pocket bra or adhesive? I should have my adhesive soon and I can't wait to have the fixed directly to my skin, I'm afraid I'll screw something up. Heart  Love, Michelle

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