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select the board, paint the quality of the key to see when looking at film finish, no bubbles, lacquer and wear resistance. In the case of 5, to identify wood flooring species Currently on the market name of the tree is very chaotic, due to the different growth environment of wood, so the same species of material slightly different, raw material prices are not the same, but not imported material than the main material, China's tree species, rich in resources, many areas of the tree is good, the price is also lower than the same type of imported materials, and some manufacturers to promote sales, the wood will be the kind of backlog of wood do not meet the reputation of wood, such as: cherry , Rosewood, gold does not change, jade sandalwood and other names; even worse, low-grade high-end timber, consumers must not be confused for the name, clear the material, so as not to be taken. In fact, the purchase of wood flooring, it is best to brand credibility, high reputation of the enterprise to buy (such as McDonnell Douglas, etc.), in addition to the quality of the product have a certain warranty period, where the warranty period occurred warping, deformation , Dry and other issues, manufacturers responsible for repair, for, consumers can be removed from the worries. 6, to determine the appropriate length, width, solid wood flooring is not the longer the wider the better, it is recommended to choose the short length of the floor, not easy to deformation; length, width is too large wooden floor is relatively easy to deformation.
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