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Wig and lace wig whats the difference?
What is the difference between a wig and a lace wig?
Heart Ashlynn Heart
Thank you Robyn,
So if you want to use that curved adhesive tape that JC sells as a wig accessorie. Buy a lace wig right. So a regular wig is Bobby pinned down or something?
Heart Ashlynn Heart
Thank you I am getting more of a grasp on what direction I want to go with wigs . Your making lace wigs sound better than no lace cause you can trim to fit, use adhesive, or glue. I take it you prefer lace right? I just want to say thank you once again Robyn cause I'm actually getting giddy over just knowing what I want.
Heart Ashlynn Heart
If you can find the attachment I uploaded in my intro post you can see the lace on my wig. I will be trimming that as well, as the wig does fit securely without any pins or tapes or anything.

(never mind trying to find the photo, here is the image: )
Nice look Kelly love the shoes. I am definately going with the lace wig. I can't stop but to admire your little black outfit.
Heart Ashlynn Rose  Heart
Wigs are used as a head covering. A lace front wig is has a sheer lace in the front edges. It provides the illusion of a natural hair line. The lace front wigs are growing popular day by day. My sister has recently ordered a lace front wig for my aunt's marriage. I am sure it is going to give her the most stunning look.

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