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1/22 - A red letter day (part 2) - MichelleL - 01-22-2019

I had my first makeover today. I drove all the way there dressed (about an hour and a half), in broad daylight. It was wonderful. And once I got there, I meet the most wonderful person; Elizabeth (Beth) Taylor. Beth took me from a dowdy looking old hag, and turned me into a beautiful mature looking woman. We talked, and I cried a bunch, and she performed her magic. She made it feel just so relaxing, like sitting and feeling Michelangelo painting a picture on your face. And afterwards, I tried on several outfits. She helped me better navigate bras, and breastforms, and all myriad of things that make a woman beautiful. And then it was off to get photographed. She does know her way around a camera. And I tried on different wigs. Words just escape me at this point. I promise to post some pictures tomorrow, since it is late, and I unfortunately have to take my makeup off. So goodnight, and love you all, Michelle   Heart Heart

RE: 1/22 - A red letter day (part 2) - MichelleL - 01-23-2019

Here's a first picture. I just realized this morning, that she took over a hundred pictures yesterday. Heart Michelle

RE: 1/22 - A red letter day (part 2) - Anne - 01-23-2019

You look beautiful.   Looking forward to more pictures.

RE: 1/22 - A red letter day (part 2) - erin - 01-23-2019

Michelle you look amazing, and if the other pictures are any indication cannot wait to see the beautiful women appear. Erin

RE: 1/22 - A red letter day (part 2) - MichelleL - 01-23-2019

Okay, you twisted my arm. Here you go...... BTW, Beth was really good in just making a few suggestions. Damn, if a single man (I will not date a married man - I'm not a home wrecker) had been there; I would have had him for lunch. Well, you can see the effect her suggestions had.....

RE: 1/22 - A red letter day (part 2) - Anne - 01-24-2019

So provocative!!   Wink   Love that black polka dot blouse with the black slacks.   Great choice of wig too!!!

RE: 1/22 - A red letter day (part 2) - MichelleL - 01-24-2019

Oh Anne, thank you sooo much. It means so much to me to hear you say that. Beth was just talking to me while she snapped pictures, and I just went nuts thinking about the things she said. I felt so free, so alive. Love you, Michelle Heart