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Sleeping last night.... - MichelleL - 01-19-2019

I decide to leave my breasts and wig on last night while I slept. And waking up this morning, I felt so good. My breast, still round and firm, tightly attached to me. Like they were meant to be. Cupping them in my hands. Caressing them. Oh what a heavenly feeling. Nothing shifted. My hair still in place. I just wish the hands cupping and caressing my breasts belonged to a man. Of course, if that had happened, I wouldn't be writting this now, I'd be writing a whole different story; much, much later this morning. Heart  Love, Michelle

RE: Sleeping last night.... - Anne - 01-19-2019

Wearing your wig during the night is just a bad thing.  Wigs are not intended for sleeping and they'll wear out prematurely.  If you really feel you have to wear a wig at night, set your nicer expensive wig aside and wear a cheap one.  Rolling around through the night just not good for the wig.

RE: Sleeping last night.... - MichelleL - 01-19-2019

I know, but it is a cheap wig, and I had to do it just once. I wanted to wake up and feel some semblance of waking up as a woman. And I forgot to take off my lipstick, so how I have lipstick all over my coffee cup. It's so cute. Heart  Love, Michelle

RE: Sleeping last night.... - LM-Maria - 01-20-2019

Michelle, sounds like fun!!

RE: Sleeping last night.... - MichelleL - 01-21-2019

Maria, oh it was divine. It just felt so good to wake up and still be the 'me' that went to bed the previous night. I'm looking for some breast forms that are designed for overnight sleeping. I know they cost more, but I will probably never start on hormones, or get implants. And well, frankly, I want boobs that I can keep on for long periods of time. Then just take off, clean, and put right back on. My goal, at some point, is to no longer have ANY male clothes. Love, Michelle Heart