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My New Year's wish... - MichelleL - 12-31-2018

to all of you. To all of us....

May this coming year find all of us the happy, healthy, loving, caring women we are.

May our friends and family, open their hearts, and minds, and seek us out, with the love and compassion we deserve.

May the world follow our friends and families lead, and turn toward us, and not against us, to embrace us, and welcome us as equals.

May we not wake up tomorrow, with a hangover, wondering where we are, how we got there, and who that strange man is beside us. Unless he is handsome. Then, in my case, I'm not letting him go.

And for the rest of you, that will wake up tomorrow morning, much as you did today; go to sleep peacefully tonight, because tonight, my heart will be there with you.

I so do love you all, Michelle