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Full Version: Sissygasm
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Hi all
Wondering how many girls here have had the big O without touching their “ clitty”.  Better known as a hand free orgasm or sissygasm.  I had heard of them, but wondered if it was really possible. Let me assure you—they’re real!  And quite amazing if you haven’t experienced it.  Having the time, place and patience are key. The most difficult part is refraining from rubbing your “clitty” as things heat up.  Let me know!  Good luck girls!
At 62 yo, it's difficult for me to get my boi clitty to orgasm at all without touching it.  I wonder if having a sissygasm is possible at all for me.  But for the younger gurls out there, I have heard of this happening for them.
I had one several years ago and it was a back-arching, nearly pass out experience. It was the first time I used a penis shaped dildo on myself. I haven't been able to replicate it, although I've tried.
I’ve only done it three times, but I’ve tried many times. The three times were fairly close together. Maybe it’s something that you body needs to learn or you need to practice often— I don't know, but I’m so glad to have experienced it. Its very intense—my one arm was actually convulsing as my orgasm built up. It made me feel more feminine to achieve an orgasm in that way. It’s just a lot easier to jerk off lol, but I’m going to keep trying when I have to time and privacy to practice.
I've done this once. I had been thinking about playing with my toys all day at work. When I got home I took as I call it a naughty boy shower. I usually put a towel on a five gallon bucket or the toilet lid then have my toy on that. I was using a heavily textured one from Bad Dragon. It took over 45 minutes, my legs were shaking. At first my clitty started drooling precum then when I stood up I came all over the floor.
I have had it happen 1 time loved it OMG THE BOMB !!!!!!
Twice while riding my dildo, once with a Craigslist hookup years ago... And came so close with a guy in a hotel last year. It's so amazing but so hard to achieve.
I think I had one while with a guy I'd met for the first time. He was 20 years younger and had a hot body that I couldn't keep my hands off of. The sex was hot and I stayed true to my Femme role. I don't remember touching my clit at all and by the time he was climaxing in me my toes were curling, my body was quivering and my clit was leaking. I am very new to all this and have only been with a few men and this has only happened once but wow I want it again.
last time I was enjoying a craigslist cock in my mouth I exploded in my panties
Thanks for sharing your stories ladies...
I have had the pleasure of cumming hands free with my last Mistress. The first time she used her strap on with me she had my hands cuffed above my head and my legs up in the air. The dildo had what she called a prostate massager on it. When she slid it It in it felt good then she turned on the vibrator and OMG...what seemed like hours , but was in reality was a few minutes i was dripping wet with precum. She fed me my precum and continued until i shot a huge powerful load. Due to my position with my feet up..the 1st squirt landed on my face....we tried a few more times and only were able to make me cum one other time! I'm hoping someday I'll be able to feel that again
Thanks again for your stories