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Full Version: DIY Home SRS Kit
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Wow, the advances in medical science. A few days ago I was looking through a comic book, and right next to the add for x-ray glasses. You know, the one's those boys use to look through my clothes when I walk down the street. "Take a picture honey, it'll last longer". Anyway, right next to that ad was an ad for a DIY Home SRS Kit. For $19.95. And free shipping with Amazon Prime. Well, yours truly just had to order that thing. It arrived yesterday.

So I got out the enclosed DIY At Home SRS Kit Manual, and accompanying DVD, and read through it while the DVD was playing. I checked out all the tolls and parts that came in the box too. "Heck, a guy could have a hell of a weekend in Vegas with this stuff'.

So, after a shower this morning, a nice breakfast, I called the Surgical AI Bot via Skype. Friggin' amazing what these Bots can do. Well, between the DVD, manual, and the online guidance, in no sooner than two hours both my top and bottom surgeries were complete, successful, and 'fully functional'. Modern science is truly amazing.

No; don't rush out and get one right now. There was a video ad I forgot to watch at the end of the DVD. In about 3 months, there is a newer model to come out. This one has a robotic arm, that attaches to your laptop. It uses Advanced AI and the robotic arm to do it all for you. Apparently, you shave all your hair (down there anyway), shower, sit is a comfortable chair (they recommend a recliner), hookup the robotic arm to your laptop (or cell phone if you have the Android or IOS app), connect to their website, sit back and relax. They recommend some nice music from their AI playlist. Apparently the robotic arm has all the 'stuff' included in it.

After about 30 minutes the bottom surgery is 100% complete with no after surgical issues. Apparently there is some mild tickling as the incisions are closed up, and from the after surgical stimulation test (not sure why that though - oh well).

Then it moves to the top surgery. Here you have to input some info; cup size, aureola size and placement, and nipple size. Then again, sit back and relax. 15 minutes per side. No fuss, no muss.

The robotic arm then does one last body scan, close down the app, and throw away the robotic arm. Take another shower, and you can be out the door with your boyfriend on a date within an hour or so.

Damn, it will be so nice for the people living in 2319! Love ya, Michelle Heart Heart

I'm so stupid. I should have kept this for next Monday. Would someone please come spank me. No seriously, I need to get spanked.... I'm a bad girl.....  Love ya, Michelle Heart Heart
Naughty naughty girl!

Now, where did I leave my hairbrush....
Oh please. Your hairbrush? Open hand instead. It feels better that way, and you can rub it afterwards to make it all better. I promise not to mess up your stockings. You are sweet though, but to have a man do it. Because I did something wrong; you know, like think. As he would spank me, he would tell me that 'I gave him no choice, because I was trying to think again.' That he didn't want to, but it was me that left him no choice. And then to hold me, and kiss away my tears. Maybe some day I'll learn to not think, and just do what he tells me. I try; I really do. Don't tell him, but I do like the spankings.

Of course, if I heard him start to stir awake now, I'd have to stop and quietly slip back in bed, with his arms around me. Otherwise, I'd have been bad and not been there when he woke up. Cuz you know your man has 'needs' when he first wakes up in the morning! And I do need to be there to take care of them! Love ya, Michelle Heart Heart