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Full Version: 1/22 - A red letter day (part 2)
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I had my first makeover today. I drove all the way there dressed (about an hour and a half), in broad daylight. It was wonderful. And once I got there, I meet the most wonderful person; Elizabeth (Beth) Taylor. Beth took me from a dowdy looking old hag, and turned me into a beautiful mature looking woman. We talked, and I cried a bunch, and she performed her magic. She made it feel just so relaxing, like sitting and feeling Michelangelo painting a picture on your face. And afterwards, I tried on several outfits. She helped me better navigate bras, and breastforms, and all myriad of things that make a woman beautiful. And then it was off to get photographed. She does know her way around a camera. And I tried on different wigs. Words just escape me at this point. I promise to post some pictures tomorrow, since it is late, and I unfortunately have to take my makeup off. So goodnight, and love you all, Michelle   Heart Heart
Here's a first picture. I just realized this morning, that she took over a hundred pictures yesterday. Heart Michelle
You look beautiful.   Looking forward to more pictures.
Michelle you look amazing, and if the other pictures are any indication cannot wait to see the beautiful women appear. Erin
Okay, you twisted my arm. Here you go...... BTW, Beth was really good in just making a few suggestions. Damn, if a single man (I will not date a married man - I'm not a home wrecker) had been there; I would have had him for lunch. Well, you can see the effect her suggestions had.....
So provocative!!   Wink   Love that black polka dot blouse with the black slacks.   Great choice of wig too!!!
Oh Anne, thank you sooo much. It means so much to me to hear you say that. Beth was just talking to me while she snapped pictures, and I just went nuts thinking about the things she said. I felt so free, so alive. Love you, Michelle Heart