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Why don’t you carry Gel Breast Forms?


Short answer: Because they are Terrible!

We pride ourselves in offering high-quality breast forms and products...and gel forms do not meet that standard!

We have offered gel forms in the past, but we quickly discovered there were many issues with them. They are made from a mineral that grows bacteria as well as cultivates bacteria that they get from your  body. This leads to an awful smell. And because they are made from a mineral oil, they constantly ooze oil that stains anything they come in contact with. This also makes them nearly impossible to glue on using medical adhesive because medical adhesive will not bond to an oily surface, making the adhesive rendered useless for attaching them to skin. There is a latex-type adhesive, but if you have ever used it you will know that it is nearly impossible to get off of your skin. Just because gel can be made to look like a breast form, doesn't mean it's a good idea. In fact, it's a bad idea. From our experience, it is absolutely the wrong material to make a breast form out of.

Janet is absolutely adamant that you get the best quality form that money can buy at an affordable cost. She has decades of cross-dressing under her skirt, and she knows what works and what doesn't. Gel forms do not work! So take it from Janet herself...if you want a good form, stay away from the cheap gel. The price on amazon may be enticing, but you might as well throw your money away. Instead, get yourself the forms designed with you in mind here. You won't be disappointed!

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