Detangling Wigs


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How to Detangle Wigs


It is never an easy day for looking good when your favorite wig is a knotty mess. The best solution? Give it a spray down with Brandywine’s Wig Detangler and Leave in Conditioner (SKU: BRA-930) and a good combing (We used wide toothed combs for straight hair and our fingers for curly hair) for a shiny, good as new result. This works well on both Synthetic and Human Hair wigs!

Step One
Inspect your wig. Is your wig greasy, covered in makeup and unmanageable? It may be time to wash it. Simply just tangles and ratty ends? Then our Wig Detangler is the answer to your problem!

Step Two
Spray about six inches away from the wig. Make sure the wig is damp, but not wet. A little bit of product goes a long way! Be sure to only do one side at time, it is important to focus on one problem area before tackling the whole head.

Step Three
If this is a straight wig, take a wide toothed comb and gently drag it from root to tip. If it is a curly wig simply use your fingers to preserve the style. When facing a knot, be as gentle as possible. Work away at the knots with small, quick strokes. If you are too rough it could cause further damage on your wig. Repeat this step until your comb can easily slide from root to tip. Sometimes it may need another layer of detangling spray! Repeat the steps until you have your wig just the way you want it.


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