American Woman Wide Series


The American Woman Series is our premium breast form line. Featuring a 2 year warranty, the highest quality silicone that is made in JAPAN, and superior craftsmanship! You won’t find another breast form anywhere else with our warranty and with the quality we provide! You can be confident in buying from Janet’s Closet. Compatible with our Hollister Medical Adhesive and Remover and Pocket Bras.

For wide breast forms, you must add 4″ to get your pocket bra size. For example, if you measure 38″ and are getting a 38D Breast Form, you need to get a 42D Pocket bra.


How to Select Breast Form Size

  1. Measure around your chest, just below your bust keeping tape snug – not tight just like in the picture above.
  2. You take that measurement, and use it to select your breast forms. Use only even numbers, if you measure 35″ round up to 36″.
  3. Say for instance you measure 36″ around your chest. You would select a 36D, C, DD, E or whatever cup size you want.

Differences Between Cup Sizes

C Cup
Medium, natural look.

D Cup
Large, fuller look.

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